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6 Tips For Getting Involved At St. John’s University

6 Tips For Getting Involved At St. John’s University

St. John’s has a ton of different ways that you can get involved, as “getting involved” means different things for different people. For some, being involved in four to six classes a semester is more than enough involvement at SJU. For others, work and a job are ample enough involvement. Still, others may be able to do both and be a part of extracurricular activities as well. Whether it’s school, work, clubs, or all three, getting involved at St. John’s University can be easy by reading these 6 tips!

1. Figure out what you like and what you want to be involved in.

Do you like music?

Maybe consider joining Mixed Choir, Voices of Victory, or even choir during Sunday Mass in St. Thomas More at 5:30 PM next semester.


Do you like sports?

If you aren’t already a St. John’s athlete, consider joining an intramural team or even a pick-up game of baseball. If you like playing but not watching, perhaps rack up your free SJU merch & MVP points by going to some games with friends.

Do you like trying new things?

Show up to the Activities Fair at the beginning of next semester and get a taste of all the university has to offer outside of school. You can try social Greek life, community service Greeks, language clubs, and societies and organizations of special interest on for size. Academic and non- academic, you will surely be introduced to more than your mind can process. There is something for everyone, and if there isn’t something you like, you can always start organizing a club for yourself and others that may share your currently unrepresented area of interest.


Do you want to work/intern on or off-campus?

Ask professors and heads of departments that you or your friends might know about what offices might be shorthanded and looking for student workers during the semester. Also ask around to see if professors have any recommendations for companies or organizations to apply to, especially if you are looking to work in a field pertaining to your major(s) or minor(s). Find out what your classmates do in their spare time. Lots of diverse networking connections exist within the SJU community. Don’t be afraid to make and use them! One of the best ways to do that is by scheduling a meeting with Career Services on the Queens campus and talking to a Career Advisor about the options offered exclusively to St. John’s students. Better yet, go to one of the many Career Fairs and Career Days offered by Career Services throughout the academic year.


Do you just want to study?

Spend some time figuring out how and where you study best on campus. Maybe even start a study group. The library, DAC in the evening, and Sullivan computer lab at night are all great, quiet study spots for those who like a little peace for concentration. Empty classrooms, when available, are awesome study spaces. DAC during common hour and Marillac in the mornings and afternoons are great for those who like a little company (and a lot of background noise) as they study. When the weather is nice, working out on the Great Lawn is great!


2. Figure out why you want to do it.

Is it because you have a passion? Want work experience? Want a creative outlet? Want to beef up your résumé? Want to de-stress? Make sure that you are getting involved for reasons that you won’t regret. There is truly nothing worse than looking at your schedule, and seeing it filled with things you hate for the sake of exposure or résumé building. Whatever you choose, make sure your first choice is to take care of yourself. Everything will be much easier going forward.

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3. Have a good attitude.

Seriously, it’s the best and most important thing you can do if you don’t do anything else on this list. Others gravitate towards positivity. Be the ray of sunshine in whatever you do, wherever you are. It really is that simple.


4. Know your limits. (Or learn them.)

Some people are great at multitasking. Others have a panic at the mere idea of doing more than one thing at a time. Some people prefer two things at once, others four. All of these personality traits are totally normal. In choosing your activity load, be considerate of how much longer you might have to stay on campus to study or attend events, what free time you might be giving up in return, and how much sleep you might lose. Nothing is worth doing if you’re too tired to do it or if you won’t be able remember it or function in the morning.

5. Don’t feel pressured to do just one thing all 4+ years.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in high school was to pigeonhole myself into one role. Don’t be a one-trick pony at St. John’s; there is something new and exciting happening here every day! Follow here and other organizations’ social media. Figure out where the cool events (and free food) are. However long your stay at St. John’s University might be, make sure that by the end of it you can say you left your mark on the campus as a member of its student body.

And, of course…



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