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6 Tips For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents For the First Time

6 Tips For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents For the First Time

One of the things that is bound to happen when you’re in a committed relationship is meeting the parents of your significant other. Somewhere down the line, sooner or later you’re going to meet Mr. and Mrs. Parent. It’s totally normal to be nervous when meeting the parents of the person you’re involved with. But don’t worry, it’ll be okay! Calm down, take a breather and relax. I’ve got a little advice for what to do when meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time that should help ease some of those nerves.

1. Don’t freak out

The first time you meet their parents might be totally unexpected. If you haven’t had the chance to prepare yourself for the meeting, haven’t given yourself that prep talk in the mirror (we’ve all been there) – do not freak out. Pretty much every single parent wants to meet the person that their child is involved with; they want their child to be happy. And lucky you, you’re a big part of that. When you meet Mr. and Mrs. Parent, remember to be polite and greet them as Mr and Mrs. Wait for them to tell you what to call them (we all know what happens when we a-s-s-u-m-e don’t we).

2. Realize that they WANT to meet you

When I met my boyfriend’s dad, it was totally unexpected. We were at my boyfriend’s house, watching a movie, and his dad came home from work. To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement. But then I realized that his dad sincerely wanted to meet me. Of course he would want to meet the person who his son talks to all day long. He was actually a really cool guy – so funny and super nice. He even pulled me in for a hug and immediately invited me to stay for dinner.


3. Go the extra mile

If you happen to be lucky enough where the meeting is a planned occasion – you get to prep yourself, which is a huge plus. If you’re meeting the parents for the first time over the holidays, you’re probably going to be at a family dinner or family party. For this, the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you look presentable, for obvious reasons. This is definitely a time where those clichés in romantic comedies prove true. Bringing a bottle of wine (if you’re over the legal drinking age, of course) or flowers for the mother is always a nice touch. It is a simple gesture that shows them that you’re thoughtful.

4. Ask questions before hand

If nothing else, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about their parents BEFORE you meet them. I know it’s sometimes difficult, especially if you’re in an inter-racial relationship, because their greetings are often different from yours. Take the time to ask your partner if there is anything that would really impress their parents if you did it.

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5. Show respect

I once dated this Pilipino guy and before I met his parents I asked him about it. He told me about this respectful greeting called Mano where you show respect for you elders by bowing to their presented hand and press your forehead against it. This a sign of respect and shows that you accept their blessing. When I met his mom, she was so surprised by how respectful I was to her and her culture.

6. Be yourself

It’s simple things like this that will really make you shine in your significant other’s parent’s eyes. The thoughtful gestures help break the ice and let them see who you are as a person. And as obvious as it sounds, always remember to be yourself. What are your tips for meeting the parents for the first time?

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