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6 Things To Know About The Dorms In Pace University (PLV) Before Move In Day

Move-in day at Pace University (and any university, really) can obviously be a very stressful time. You have a bunch of stuff you need to somehow maneuver into your Pace dorms. For some, it’s a totally new environment while for others, it’s more familiar. Count in all of the other people roaming the halls and moving in, and you have one chaotic day. But even the worse days always end. Here are some things you may want to know about the Pace dorms before move-in day. Believe me, the whole process will run much smoother when you’re prepared for it.

1. Some Dorm Buildings Have Stairs. Others Do Not.

This is a very important one because it can dramatically change the amount of physical effort and time it takes to be completely moved into the Pace dorms. Newer buildings on the Pace University campus, such as Alumni Hall and Elm Hall, have elevators that go to all four floors. This is majorly helpful if you’re lugging heavy stuff up-stairs. However, older buildings like Martin Hall and North Hall, do not have any elevators. You have to drag everything up the stairs. I’ve met people who were moving into the latter two buildings who did not know about the lack of elevators and were both surprised and frustrated.

While it’s okay if you’re living on the first floor, it is not necessarily a fun time if you’re on the second or third (especially third). Those flights of stairs are no joke. If you know you’re going to be in Martin Hall or North Hall when it comes to Pace dorms, prepare beforehand by trying to compartmentalize everything you have to make the journey upstairs easier. If you want to see the bright side, think of it this way: you’re getting some exercise.

2. The RAs and/or Volunteers Can Help

Since move-in day is evidently a very busy one that involves half of the dormers, many Pace University volunteers are on sight to lend a helping hand. This includes members from organizations like the Setters Leadership Program, members of Greek life, sports teams, and just ordinary students who probably know and relate to the hassle of moving in.

There are also RA’s on duty who can answer any question you have (plus it’s always a good idea to get to know your RAs.) Volunteers can assist you with a multitude of tasks, such as lugging luggage upstairs, storing your belongings in a bin with wheels to the elevator, showing you where your Pace dorms will be, answering any questions you may have about campus life, and loading heavy items inside of the dorms. Believe me, you are not just alone with your family on move-in day. Pace University is here to help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help – that’s literally what they are there for.

3. You Need to Rent a Mini-Fridge

While not overly common, there have been some instances where someone has moved into the Pace dorms only to wonder why there wasn’t a mini-fridge. As it turns out, those don’t just magically show up – you have to rent them through the Pace website. That involves money, which is a bummer. However, your life inside a Pace dorm will be much easier with a mini-fridge (I speak from personal experience). You can store away your own food without worry, and it’s great having emergency refrigerated items for when you just don’t feel like walking to the cafeteria. 

4. There are Several Lounges.

Each dormitory hall at Pace University has lounges on nearly every floor. Lounges are popular and perpetually sought-out places on campus for people who want to study, hang out, or enjoy some peace and quiet in a location that isn’t their room. The reason lounges are important to remember on move-in day is there a good place to sit down and relax for a bit if you or someone helping you move in is swamped, and needs a moment alone to recuperate. They’ll have lounges on whatever floor your Pace dorm is, so it won’t be too far-off. Don’t hesitate about taking advantage of the lounges. They can especially be helpful for you if you ever feel claustrophobic and confined in your Pace dorms. The lounges are also a good spot to find a volunteer or RA as many students tend to go there.

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5. You Have an RA on Every Floor

In order to jazz up dorm life a little, RA’s at Pace University work hard to make sure every floor in their buildings have a theme that differentiates the floor. For example, when I was in North Hall in my sophomore year at Pace, the theme of my floor (the third) was How I Met Your Mother. As a result, the names of dorm residents were written on tracings and cut-outs of a yellow umbrella and a blue horn. It’s really cool and simple! The RA on each floor doesn’t have to exclusively deal only with students on that floor, but it is their main focus most of the time as they’re in closer proximity. Finding out who your floor RA is early on can save you so much time. They are who you go to if you get locked out of your room, have questions about Pace dorm life, roommate issues, or just need someone to talk to about anything. Getting to know them can really help build a meaningful connection.

6. The Bathrooms are Different

If you live in Alumni Hall or Elm Hall, you’ll have your own bathroom in a suite. It’s an awesome set-up because it’s a space partly belonging to you that you don’t need to share with half the building, and you can personalize it as well (but make sure to talk to your roommates/suitemates first, of course). The bathrooms in Martin and North are communal, along with the showers. You get the stalls and everything. However, no matter which you get, remember to respect the space by keeping it clean.

No matter what building you live in, or how move-in goes, make sure your experience in the Pace dorms – and at Pace – is one you will never forget!

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Sarah is an English and Communications major at Pace University, Pleasantville. She enjoys writing fiction, watching horror movies, and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack loudly enough that she annoys people on public transportation.

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