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6 Things People Don’t Tell You About Freshman Year In College

6 Things People Don’t Tell You About Freshman Year In College

“The glory days” is how many adults would sum up their college experience. When you’re graduating high school all you can do is look forward to these incredible years people place such emphasis on. However, there are plenty of things you should recognize before preparing yourself solely for new friends and fun. Keep reading for some things people didn’t tell you about freshman year in college!


1. There is actually homework.

Coming out of high school, no one really tells you what the average college workload is like. Yes, you can see a fair share of college students’ finals memes, tweets complaining, instagrams reminiscing back to a better time. However, people fail to mention that you could receive up to 50 pages of reading material from 3 different classes a night, and a paper every other day, or an exam once a week. Don’t be fooled high schoolers, there is more to college than the weekend.

2. You do not find your bridesmaids or groomsmen in the first week.

There is this odd misconception with college that you find your absolute best friends right away. For lots of people, after growing up in the same town pre-K through senior year of high school, it’s easy to forget how difficult forming quality friendships actually is. You forget that not everyone immediately understands your sense of humor or pet peeves. Be patient and have an open mind, not all friendships are meant to last, do not put that pressure on yourself.


3. It’s the little things from home that you’ll miss.

As a senior in high school you may be feeling a severe sense of desperation to get away, start new, and make a huge change. Yes, but also be wary of the things you will miss and appreciate them while you can. The convenience of your favorite snack, the promptness of things being replaced in the refrigerator and rarely going bad, never having to take the trash out (especially not once a week,) alone time, your couch, and many more small conveniences.

4. You learn A LOT about yourself.

You may have no idea how much you dislike evening classes, or how little tolerance you have for mouth breathers, or how much alone time you truly need. You realize what you value in a person, how much you can really procrastinate, what kind of things you laugh at, how much motivation you have, and how independent you may be. All of these things are highlighted when you go through this big adjustment. Admit these observations to yourself and be open to making changes for yourself.


5. You probably didn’t hate high school.

You’ll come to realize how easy blowing off homework used to be, how simple it was to meet up with your best friends between classes and then drive to their houses after school. How there was excitement in the air the Friday before a home football game, and how the whole school was always on the same page with the latest couple or party.

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6. It’s incredibly important to be involved.

In high school joining a club wasn’t always the coolest, most fun thing to do; however it is almost necessary in college. It’s a great way to expand your interests and resume while meeting people and doing something you enjoy. College is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, the opportunities are practically thrown at you. Whether it’s Greek life, a club sport/intramural, or a student organization, the best decision any freshman can make is getting involved.

College comes with many incredible experiences and amazing opportunities, but it is difficult to prepare yourself for the immense adjustment. Not everyone tells you how it really was first semester freshman year, although it can be the time of your life, it can also be the biggest lesson of your life.

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