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6 Recommended Steps of Registering for Classes at JWU

Here at JWU, we register for classes a lot more often than most because we run on trimesters as opposed to semesters. This can be a stressful process, but if done correctly, you can get the classes, professors, and times that you want. Keep reading for 6 recommended steps when registering for classes at JWU!

1. Find out your registration start date!

Finding out your registration’s start date is very important because that is the first day you can start registering for classes! While you can register after that date, you’ll want to register as close to that date as possible because classes can fill up fast! Knowing this date will also help in gauging how much time you have to plan out your schedule.

2. Check your GPS!

No, I don’t mean the one in your car, I’m talking about the Grad Planning System! The Grad Planning System gives you a rundown of every class you need to complete for your degree as well as how many credits you need to fill in order to graduate- so this will give you a good idea of what classes you should plan to take.

3. Research your classes online.

Now that you’ve checked your GPS it’s time to actually look for the required and elective classes you’re interested in. Make sure to check the times that they are available and which professors are teaching them!

Optional Step: If the Professor’s name of your desired class is available, you should search them on to see what other students think of them.

…You can now start building your schedule!

4. Write down CRN numbers.

When you have finally built your schedule you should write down the Course Registration Number (CRN) for each of your classes- this will make registering on your day a lot easier and faster.

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5. Make an alternative schedule!

Depending on the class, time, and professor, classes can fill up fast and you may not get into the class you hoped- which may possibly leave a Graduation-date-jeopardizing gap in your schedule! Creating a back-up schedule will help you be prepared in the event that your desired class gets filled up on the morning of registration. Make sure to write down those CRNs as well.

6. Get up and register.

Registration opens @ 6 AM on weekday registration days and @ 7 AM on weekend registration days so be sure to set your alarm accordingly if you want to be among the first to register! Most people decide to get up early to start registering so it is best to try to log on as soon as possible -the system begins to slow as more people log on. Once you’ve made it in, pop in your CRNs, hit submit, and wait for your updated schedule! If you do not make it into the desired class(es), don’t panic- there is a wait list option in case a student drops the class from their schedule.

Happy registering, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Do you have any other recommended steps for registering for classes at JWU? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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