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6 Reasons To Use A Scooter On Campus

6 Reasons To Use A Scooter On Campus

If you have ever visited the University of Florida campus, you know you see more scooters than students. You’ve seen four people squished on a two person seat and you don’t even think twice about it. You’re going to be spending the next four years in the swamp and you want to make sure this is worth the investment. To help you decide, keep reading for six reasons to use a scooter on campus.

1. There are more scooter spots on campus then parking spaces for a car.

Your scooter can easily fit anywhere on campus, midtown or downtown. You never have to worry about waiting for a bus to pick you up.


2. The price is perfect for a college student.

With most scooters maxing out at about $2,000 you are spending way less than you would on a car.


3. It’s super gas efficient.

You can spend your leftover gas money on a night out in midtown or an extra Starbucks during midterms.

4. You can tote your friends around campus on the back.

Riding a scooter is fun, but riding a scooter with your bestie is 10X better. (Especially rolling up next to the double-boy scoot.)

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5. Accessorizing your scooter is part of the fun.

You’re going to need to invest in a cute helmet, just in case you have an accident and matching gloves and windbreaker for those occasional cold days in The Ville.

6. You can tell your friends you’ve upgraded from your Razor scooter.

You can finally throw away your Razor scooter because you have UPGRADED.
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