6 Reasons I Love Subscription Boxes

From FabFitFun to Graze, subscription boxes have become one of the hottest trends of the year due to their convenience and  product variety.  Subscription boxes are extremely versatile and can cater to whatever needs you may have. From exotic foods, to trendy jewelry, to even shaving cream for men; there is a subscription box out there that is sure to indulge your needs.


1. The Options

One of the best things about subscription boxes is the huge variety of products available for purchase. Although there are many boxes tailored to women’s lifestyle, focusing on beauty, health and fitness, there are also tons that cater to more unique interests. Everything from fishing equipment to religious items can now arrive at your doorstepped, all wrapped up in a cute little package.


2. The Customization

To ensure that these boxes match all of your specific needs, the companies will often have you fill out a short-survey in which you check off your likes, dislikes, demographic information, etc.  After sorting through the information you provide, they begin assembling your own “perfect” box. I don’t know about you, but this aspect of the process makes me feel special, as if I am getting a present made specifically for me.


3. The Surprise

While, certain subscription boxes like Graze allow you to choose your products before they are sent to you, other brands, like FabFitFun, take more of a “surprises” route. For me, this was the best part of subscribing to the box. After receiving my first box, I was excited to see the contents and extremely pleased with what I found. Inside of the Fall box were two Gold Radiance masks by Passport 2 Beauty, a bracelet by Tribe Alive, a portable phone charger by Hisy along with many more goodies as well as a key chain from the Purple Purse Foundation, which spreads awareness about Domestic Violence.


4. The Quality

Not only is the quality of the products provided superb, the amount that is offered is usually more than you’d expect! In my particular box I received 11 items! This alone provided enough inspiration to purchase another box in the future, as I felt I was getting well worth my money.

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5. The Knowledge

Another great aspect to subscription boxes is that they keep you up-to-date on the current trends.  This is especially the case with lifestyle boxes such as Birchbox, Fabfitfun, Ispy Bag and Popsugar Must Have, as the provide the subscriber with all the most popular items of the current season. The boxes also allow customers to sample various types of products before they actually go out and purchase the full sized product – a great method to “try before you buy.”


6. The Price

Because subscription boxes cater to a multitude of audiences, they range in price from anywhere between $10 to $50. This allows people at every budget to experience a subscription box specific to their needs. There is also no-long term commitment so you can skip months or cancel your subscription when expenses start to get a little tight.


Happy subscription boxes subscribing, surprises are waiting for you!

Malia Bates

Malia is a student at the University of Redlands in Southern California, studying Visual Media Studies, Creative writing and Spanish. In her free time, she is an avid sports fan and hopes to become a sports journalist in the future.

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