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6 Nail Colors for Fall 2015

6 Nail Colors for Fall 2015

Not all the trends this fall season revolve around apparel. Keeping your nails on point is key to creating that perfect fall look. To make sure you’re on trend with the season’s favorites, here are 6 nail colors you should don this fall!

1. Copper tones

What represents Fall more than that warm copper hue? Can’t you just smell those autumn leaves on your fingers? Well, maybe you can’t exactly smell fall on your nails, but it’s pretty close.

2. Military Style

Dark purples, grays, and greens are definitely something to watch out for this fall. Keep it simple and paint your nails a mixture of these shades. You can even get a little creative by adding a military nail decal (or paint it yourself if you’re that talented)!


3. Throwback to the 70’s

Time for a tribute to the 70’s. Look for metallic silver and gold, light orange, yellows and even light grays. Channel your inner disco diva and give your hands a shimmery upgrade.

4. Blue Hue

Not only is blue my favorite color, but it’s a bold statement for fall. Many girls are weary of using blue as a nail color, but don’t fear the blue! Navy is a great nail color for this season.

5. Keep it neutral

Neutral colors are not only great for the fall, but anytime of the year. Pinks, caramel and beige work for any skin tone too!

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6. The classic red

Try dark red or maroon hues for a undoubtedly autumn-inspired look. These colors will always be in style and look great with any skin color, any outfit, and any style!


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