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6 Freshman Year Activities You Need To Participate In

Figuring out which freshman year activities to participate in can be stressful! You have so many options, and it’s hard to know which ones to choose! That’s why we have created this list of freshman year activities that are essential for you to get the full college experience. Whether you are looking to join a sorority or try a new sport, there is an activity option for you!

1. Greek Life

While most students rush their freshman year of college, sorority or fraternity recruitment is open to any full-time undergraduate students! Participating in Greek Life is a great way to meet new people, find mentors, and establish your college community. If you’ve never heard of Greek Life, here’s a little summary:

Sorority or fraternity recruitment usually happens during the fall semester. There are several rounds that students participate in, each of which has a specific theme! You are encouraged to dress for the theme and engage with students in each house you visit! At the end of the recruitment process, you are assigned a house with sisters who will become lifelong friends!

As a fair warning, recruitment can be expensive. Between the outfits, gifts, registration fees, and living costs you can quickly rack up quite a bill! We recommend reaching out to another girl or guy who has gone through recruitment to get some personalized advice on how to manage the costs and other things that will arise. Having a personal mentor will make your recruitment process much more enjoyable!

2. School Bible Study

Studies show that most young adults do not attend church once they go to college. The best way to make sure that you don’t lose your religious community is to join a bible study or community group during the first month of college! This will keep you surrounded by like-minded people who encourage you to pursue your faith. Some popular college ministries are Campus Crusade (Cru) and The Navigators. 

If you can’t find any religious groups that are a good fit, consider starting your own group! You can put up flyers in common areas around campus, advertise on social media, and ask your friends to spread the word about your group. Motivational speakers will also travel to speak at college campuses, so consider asking your favorite motivational speaker to put on an event at your school!

3. Join A Club

College campuses usually provide a wide variety of clubs for students to participate in. Some clubs are student-organized, while others are campus-wide. With so many options, I guarantee that you will find a club that suits your interests! 

We recommend joining multiple clubs if your schedule allows for it. That way, you can meet new people and explore different hobbies! You can also record your participation in these clubs on your resume. This shows potential employers that you are actively investing in the talents mentioned on your resume and in interviews. We recommend joining community service clubs, media and publication clubs, and honor societies as part of your freshman year activities!

4. Attend Sporting Events

This is an essential activity at every school. Even if you didn’t enjoy attending sporting events in high school, you should attend at least one in college. Schools will usually have a student section in the stadium where you have a great view of the field. The experience of cheering on your favorite team surrounded by your classmates is one that you will never forget! 

On game day you will want to come decked out in your school colors and sports apparel. Make sure that you pack the necessary accessories you will need throughout the game! If it is cold, make sure you bring a blanket, a hat, and gloves. If it is hot, you will want to bring a portable fan, sunglasses, and a hat for relief from the sun! Before you enter the stadium, make sure that you leave any banned items in your car. Some stadiums will require you to enter with a clear bag for your belongings. With these accessories, you will be prepared to make the most out of your game day experience!

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5. Play Intramural Sports

Intramural (IM) sports are one of the best freshman year activities! Playing these sports keeps you active, which might help you avoid putting on the freshman 15. You can do some research on what intramural sports your college offers so that you can sign up for them once you get to campus! 

The best part is that intramural sports are open to all students! Intramurals allow students to compete against their classmates and colleagues in a fun and safe environment. Some of the best colleges for intramural sports are Kansas State University, the University of Florida, the University of Michigan, Clemson University, and Colorado College. These colleges offer a wide range of IM sports, from basketball and dodgeball to battleship and cornhole. Each sport has its own registration and game schedule, ranging from one-week tournaments to a full season of games. Whatever your sports interest is, there is an opportunity for you to get involved through IM sports!

6. Explore Your College Town

Exploring your college town is one of those freshman year activities that is bound to create lasting memories. Plus, it gives you a good feel for the area where you are going to spend the next few years of your life! While you are exploring, take time to learn about the popular spots for dining, playing, and shopping. On your initial trip to the city, you can make a list of activities that you want to do during future visits! If your college is close to any national monuments or parks, consider taking a weekend trip to explore those destinations!

If you attend a college in the middle of nowhere, consider planning a longer trip to the nearest city! You could grab a few friends and plan a long weekend trip to whatever city looks most appealing. During this season of your life, you have so many new freedoms. Take advantage of those freedoms by planning a trip to explore the cities and towns around you! 

Overall, you should try to participate in as many freshman year activities as you can! The freshman activities that are organized by your college are designed to introduce you to fellow classmates, involve you in clubs, and immerse you in the college experience. Participating in these activities will help you to feel more comfortable in your new home!

Which of these freshman year activities are you going to participate in? Did we miss any of your favorite activities? Let us know in the comments!

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