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5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

Job Searching, 5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

Looking for a job can be hard to do for some people. If you are fresh out of college and are looking for a job and are having no luck, then there are some ways you can move forward. Connections are so important in the working work but sometimes they are hard to get. If you are struggling to find a job there are many websites to help assist in the process! The websites I have listed below are great platforms to learn about new companies, get reviews, and even salary estimates! Job listings will be provided for your specific area of interest which is perfect to learn about new positions in the industry. These websites can help you reach out to people in the industry or make it easy to apply to jobs of your interest. You have to check these out! 

1. Canva

Well first off,  it is hard to get a job without an amazing resume. If you think your resume is boring and needs to be stepped up, you should check out Canva! This website has so many different templates for a resume or you can be creative and make your own! Trust me this is something you will want to do. In order to stand out to jobs, making a cool and fun resume that describes you is the best idea. This will make you more memorable. This website is so easy to use! All you have to do is pick a template you like and then it will lay out all of the information you need to fill in. Having this template can guide you and make the process of creating a resume less stressful. It is free to anyone and you will be able to download your resume right to your computer. It is so simple and I highly suggest this site for college grads trying to apply for new jobs. 

5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure 

2. LinkedIn

Coming out of college can be scary once you are faced with getting a real job. To prepare themselves, all college students should create a Linked account. Linkedin is an excellent tool for networking. You can ask professionals and maybe even current employees of the company you want to work for, questions, or even just introduce yourself as someone who is interested in working there. There are so many people on LinkedIn all around the country and world. You might be surprised who you meet and make great connections with. LinkedIn makes it so easy for college graduates to reach out and find positions that they would be interested in and get their name out to people in the industry! This also comes as an app for easy access to the website. This is a platform that all college students looking for jobs or internships need to have!

5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

3. Indeed

Indeed is another website perfect for job searching! You have the ability to put in your location, job type, and even your desired salary. After filling in this information, the site will automatically find you all the jobs that apply to your search. All of the jobs that are hiring similar positions will come up and you will have the option to go through each one and read the job description and requirements. This is the perfect site for all of you college grads looking for a job and wanting to find out a little more about the positions you are interested in. This is a free site open to anyone! It is super easy to navigate and will really help you with your journey in job searching! 

5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a great place to start your job search! Here you will be able to access job listings and specific employers. There is a community of former employees, new employees, and people who have been working for a company for years! This site allows these employees to write reviews on the company. This is a great way to see what places you’ll be interested in working and see what others liked or disliked about it. This platform provides a lot of good information to know, like salaries and job descriptions. You will be able to see job postings based on what you are interested in and then be able to apply! You can also sign up for notifications where you can receive emails with new job postings based on the previous ones you looked at. This is a great website for people looking for a job and trying to branch out and look into different companies. 

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5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

5. ZipRecruiter

Looking for a job but can’t find the right company for you? Try looking on ZipRecruiter! Here you will be provided with a listing of jobs of your specific interest. There will be job postings by certain companies that you will be able to apply to from the site. This site also showcases a list of top companies and trending ones that are most popular in the area you are searching for. It will also provide cities where you will be able to make the highest salary and where the company is most popular. This is a great way to do research on certain employers that you are interested in. This site is so easy to access that anyone can hop on right now and get to job searching! 

5 Websites To Start Your Job Searching Adventure

If you are looking for a job and are having some trouble, then try some of these websites! They will be sure to assist you in all of your networking and job search needs. These sites are perfect for college graduates! If you have tried out some of these websites and had great success, let us know which ones in the comments below! 

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