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5 Ways To Wear Pastel This Winter

5 Ways To Wear Pastel This Winter

As Miranda Priestly from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ once said, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Admittedly, the idea of a floral blouse in spring isn’t the most innovative fashion movement in history, but we wonder what Miranda would think of pastels in the winter? Below are 5 ways to make your bleak winter wardrobe a beautiful pastel dream while still dressing appropriate for the season! Let’s hope Miranda would think the same of these ways to wear pastel this winter.

1. Pair your pastels with a winter color palette.

So you have a fuzzy pale pink sweater? Perfect! Balance the light color of that sweater with dark navy pieces that give off a nautical, preppy look. Another tip is to wear pastel statement pieces with taupe or neutrals. Doing this eases you into wearing spring staple colors in winter without looking like an Easter egg! and

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2. Stick to the accessories.

Accessorizing is the simplest way to turn regular pieces of clothing into fashion. If you’re a little hesitant to wear pastel in your clothing items of choice – why not go crazy with accessories? Picking one pastel accessory to add to an outfit is the perfect way to try out this trend without fully committing. Try styling a pastel a handbag, sunglasses, socks, hat, or a scarf into your everyday winter wardrobe! and

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3. Think contrast.

If you wear pastel pieces with intense statement items, it adds the element of contrast, that is uniquely stylish. The difference between soft colored blouse with black ripped jeans is just the right amount of feminine and grunge. Try incorporating a leather jacket, black booties, or an animal print handbag when you wear pastel! and

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4. Layer with the same color family.

One of winter’s biggest, most consistent trends is layering, so why not cross over that trend with pastels? Layering hues within the same color family gives off a polished look to brighten up any dreary winter day. Most importantly, you’ll stay warm with all those layers!

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5. Play with patterns and textures.

Mixing different patterns and textures in fabrics is one of the most exciting styling elements in fashion to make your outfit stand out. Florals, plaid, and fur have all made their way into the market in pastel colors to make a statement in your OOTD! and

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