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5 Ways To Wear Metallics During The Day

5 Ways To Wear Metallics During The Day

Metallics are the futuristic trend taking the fashion world by storm. And I’m not talking about wearing a shimmery silver skirt to the club – people are incorporating this typically nighttime fabric to their everyday wear. While this trend might be a little out there for some, pairing it with the right items can make it totally worth trying. Here are 5 ways to wear metallics during the day.

1. Metallic Oxfords

Metallic oxfords are the perfect way to bring a little shine into your outfit. These shoes can spice up any ensemble without being too flashy for everyday wear. Pair them with some black leather pants for an edgier look!

2. Metallic Bag

If you trying to wear metallics as part of your outfit is a little too far out of your comfort zone, consider going for a metallic bag instead. A metallic bag gives off the same metallic vibe without the strong commitment to the outfit.


3. Metallic Shorts

If you’re feeling bold, these metallic athletic shorts are perfect for you! These shorts have the comfort of regular athletic shorts but are extra fun with a twist of metallic.

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4. Metallic Jacket

Going along with the athletic look, this metallic bomber jacket is sure to grab everyone’s attention…in a good way. Trendy without going overboard, this pieces allows you to wear metallics as the main part of your outfit, and pairs nicely with whatever neutral items you choose!


5. Metallic Skirt

This skirt is particularly great to style up or style down the metallic trend. Top this skirt off with a casual tee for a day look…and simply finish it off with a blazer or tight black tank to transition it to night!

Can you think of any more ways to wear metallics during the day? Let us know down below!

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