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5 Ways To Wear Wide Leg Jeans With Sneakers

Wide leg jeans are a trend for summer. They come in a variety of styles, from fitted to extra baggy. They can be high-waisted to give you a slimming look or they can be low cut for a more grunge look. Pairing your jeans with sneakers is seamless since the urban look is very flexible. You can dress it up and have a more glamorous look or you can dress it down for a retro, grunge, look. Either way, each outfit will complement any pair of sneakers you own.

1. Cropped Sweater

A cropped or tucked-in sweatshirt will pair well with wide leg jeans. Try wearing light-washed jeans that are solid colored all over, or have a fading effect. You can wear a solid sweatshirt or a graphic sweatshirt. Scrunch the sleeves for a more casual, 90’s inspired look. You can add accessories that compliment but don’t overpower the look. The best accessories are sunglasses, light jewelry, and a shoulder carry handbag. Keep your shoe classic, with high or low-top canvas sneakers.

Wear your hair in loose, beachy waves and a soft brown lip color. Since this look has a blue base, you can wear a make-up look that has more color. If you want to add pinks to your look, try wearing a soft, pink shadow and clear lips. Add highlighter at the top of your cheekbones, for a sun-kissed glow! You can add flush pink cheeks and a taupe eyeshadow with a winged liner.

2. Retro T-Shirt

Wide leg jeans can also have a retro feel. Try pairing a vintage graphic t-shirt with printed jeans and accessories. If you want to try a punk-inspired look, try wearing dark or printed jeans with your graphic t-shirt. Wear your hair in curtain bangs, without trying to achieve a look that is too neat. You can try wearing this look with a backpack or you can skip accessories all together for a cool, 70’s vibe. When choosing accessories, try a simple gold-tone necklace that fits higher on the neck, without a pendant. You can even curl your hair and comb some of the curls out with your fingers, to make them more fringy.

3. Easygoing

If you need a casual outfit for a summer day, you can pair your wide leg jeans with a long trench coat, blazer, or jacket. Wear a plain white t-shirt or a plain black t-shirt with your jacket to create a nice shape for your look. You can wear a low-top or high-top converse sneakers in a muted color like white or black to keep the outfit looking slick. Keep your lips completely nude and add clear gloss. Or, add a light pink lip with a tinted gloss. Throw on a pair of your favorite oversized sunglasses, and this look is good to go!

4. The ’90s Cute

You can have a glamorous look with sneakers as well as a  halter. A halter top is the ultimate summer shirt. It is breathable and is also simple. You can keep it casual cool while wearing a solid white or blue top. Or, you can mix it up and wear a textured halter. To add an extra flare, you can try wearing a triangle, bandana-inspired halter with black jeans. Add a small top handle handbag for a date night look. With this look, you can add a lot of accessories. The neckline can be the main focus of the accessories. Add a chain necklace for an elegant touch. You can also stack gold-tone bracelets on both arms as well.

Wear your hair with a middle part and curls that are more tight than loose. This will give you a pop-inspired look, reminiscent of Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera. This look will pair well with coral color lips and rosy cheeks. Skip eyeshadow and add mascara to extend your eyelashes, for a Drew Berrymore type of look!

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5. Denim on Denim

A triangle halter is also a great way to dress your wide leg jeans. It will help beat the heat on those super hot days while keeping your look fun. This look is also hip-hop inspired, with style elements influenced by late ’90s and early 2000’s recording star Aaliyah. Add hoop earrings and matching silver or gold-tone bracelet and necklace accessories. Stack your necklaces as a focal point for your outfit. You can have a monochromatic look, wearing all black, blue, or pink! Match your shoes with your outfit or wear all white or black sneakers. Keep the ’90s inspired look going with a bandana as an accessory, with your hair long and straight. Switch up the bandana, depending on the color you want to wear. You can also wear a silk scarf, tied in the same triangle shape as a bandana if you want to add more charm to your look.

Wear a short, shoulder strap logo handbag or a mini backpack. Brown colors pair best with this look when it comes to makeup. Wear a palette of deep brown, light brown, and bronze for your eyeshadow. Wear a thin liner on the upper lid and lightly line your bottom lid. Line your lips with a smokey brown and add a lighter shade of brown lipstick. Coat your lips with gloss and fill in your eyebrows.

When wearing sneakers, it’s easy to pair them with a simple t-shirt. You can add wide leg jeans to modernize your look while staying fun and trendy! Try these looks on a casual day with friends or a safe in-person event, where you don’t have to wear a ball gown.

Since you now have more options when wearing wide leg jeans. Which denim look do you prefer with white sneakers?

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