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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles are considered a staple food for college kids everywhere. Almost everyone I know buys and stores it in bulk, either the name brand or some other type like Cup of Noodles, which is basically the same thing. But if you’re eating that for four years, it gets old pretty fast. By using a few simple ingredients, (most of which you probably already have, and aren’t very expensive if you don’t, you can turn the simple microwaveable cup of noodles into a real dinner.

First, don’t cook your Ramen in the microwaveable cup. Move it into a bowl, it’ll be much better.

Okay, now the first way to make your Ramen more tasty is to add peanut butter. It will thicken the broth, and make it mimic a Pad Thai dish. Just a spoonful will be enough after cooking, and stir it in.

Another way is to add vegetables. Pour in some frozen veggies after the water is warm for nutrients. Or another good vegetable is green onions. You can easily just cut them up with scissors and put them in, they don’t need to cook.

Who doesn’t like cheese? Processed cheese is a great topping for Ramen noodles. Just lay a slice on top for the last 30 seconds and let it blend in and thicken the broth, and add a little milk in. It will be almost like macaroni and cheese.

If you’re a fan of spicy food, add some hot sauce into your noodles. It can be whatever kind you like, sriracha, Tabasco, or you can even just add in some green chilies. Spicy food is said to help kick your metabolism into gear, so that’s always a bonus.

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If you go out for late-night wings or for dinner and you have some leftovers, just throw those in your noodles. It’s another good way to add some protein and make it a little heartier.


There are plenty of other ways of fixing up your Ramen too. If you look up Ramen recipes, you’ll find plenty, with at least some of them referring to the microwavable brand and not the real noodle dish. So when it’s too cold outside to go for dinner or it’s late and you’re really hungry,  you can make a real meal, not just a bowl of boring noodles.


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