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5 Ways To Start Loving Cardio

5 Ways To Start Loving Cardio

We’ve all been there, sort of want to start running, sort of want to stay in bed. Well, I have got your back because trust me, I have been there. And for everyone, even the most experienced of cardio lovers like myself, we can still go back to hating it or the ‘can’t be bothered attitude’. If you’re looking for motivation then continue reading as here are 5 ways to start loving cardio!

1. Ease into it

What a lot of people do is making the mistake of jumping straight into something too out of their depth. Although it can be tempting, do NOT sign up for something that will shock your body so hard you may hurt yourself. This may include signing up for a 10km run when you haven’t even run 1 km. I promise that not only will you probably hurt yourself, but I can also guarantee you will most likely hate cardio and decide never to do it again. Instead, start slow, its a marathon not a sprint (no pun intended). Get out and go for a walk. Slowly increase the paces of your walks each time until you feel ready to start running and stop when you need to. Remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop!

2. Find A Buddy To Help You Along!

When I first started my favourite form of cardio of running, I hated it. With a passion. My dad would make me run with him whilst I cried wishing that it would soon be over (I promise I don’t do this anymore…). Every 30 seconds I would ask when it would be over and if we were nearly at the finish line. As I started to fall in love with running and began to outrun my dad, I needed to find a buddy to help me along. Having a buddy does a number of things to help you when exercising. For me, it helps to motivate me and actually get out and do it. I ask my friends if they want to go for a run with me and we get out and do it. This helps to also have a little bit of competition within yourself, and even your partner. I find that if I’m running with someone, I am less inclined to stop because I want to keep up the pace and show how fit I am. It’s also fun to get fit with a friend. I always find myself laughing with them and having fun. Cardio doesn’t have to be serious. And with a friend, I can assure you it won’t be. So get out and get a buddy along to help you. It will help to motivate you and keep you on your toes whilst also being super fun and enjoyable.

5 Ways To Start Loving Cardio

3. Know The Different Types Of Cardio

A lot of people associate cardio with running. Well, newsflash, there are so many more types of cardio that are defiantly NOT running! Did you know the best type of cardio for your body is boxing? A lot of people don’t. There are so many people I speak to that just can’t get into running. They hate it even after giving it many go’s. If you’ve actually tried running on multiple occasions and still hate it, here are some other forms of cardio to try.

BOXING! Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio and I guarantee you will love it. If you’re stressed, box. If you’re happy, box. If you’re feeling as if you need to hit something, BOX. You can even pair boxing with mini sprints and other exercises like squats and lunges to help really make you sweat and get a good workout in.

SKIPPING! skipping is so much fun! Especially if you remember the games from primary school and can do cool tricks with the ropes to show off. Try skipping for one minute on and off increasing the pace each time to really get your heart rate up and get a good workout in. Trust me, after a few minutes, you’ll be grasping for air.

ROWING! Rowing is an absolute killer but such a good form of cardio! If you really want to get fit whilst also building killer muscles, then defiantly try rowing! It burns but the feeling is oh so good I can assure you that you will love it.

SWIMMING! I love swimming as I can pretend I’m some sort of mermaid in the water. Swimming is such a good workout and works so many parts of your body particularly your arms. Start off with a slow breath stroke to get the hang of it and then build up to other strokes such as butterfly or backstroke and alternate to work all different parts of your body!

CYCLING! I absolutely love cycling on the bike. It is such a good leg burner and really does get me out of breath and breaking a sweat. I also like to increase the difficulty level to make my legs burn more.

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5 Ways To Start Loving Cardio

4. Get Some Cool Workout Gear

I find that feeling good in my activewear can help boost my performance. This may include a really cool sports bra you’ve been dying to show off or some really out there tights that make your legs pop. Particularity if you’re going out to buy new activewear to start your new cardio loving lifestyle, then go all out. Buy clothes that make YOU feel good! If you’re not jamming it, then don’t buy it because if you do, you’ll hate your exercise even more.

5. Positive mindset

One thing I find with most people is that when something gets tough, they back out immediately without looking back. If you’re jumping into cardio you MUST have a positive mindset. If you’re running or swimming, don’t be thinking about how much you’re hating it or wanting it to be over, think about how good you’re going to feel afterwards. People really overlook the mindset but overall, your mentality will always override your physical ability. A healthy mind will equal a healthy and happy body! I can promise you that from first-hand experience.

5 Ways To Start Loving Cardio

If anything, get out there and just start your cardio journey! Whatever it may be just do it!! Let me know what type of cardio you’ll be trying below.

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