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5 Ways to Pull Off Menswear

5 Ways to Pull Off Menswear

Wondering how to pull off menswear? Well, the way you style your clothes is a means of expressing yourself; a way to show the world how you want to be portrayed. Whether you’re going for something girly or something edgy, it is definitely fun to experiment with different looks! However, there are certain styles that some tend to have trouble figuring out how to pull off…for example, menswear. There is a fine line between androgynous and chic, and just plain old manly. But don’t worry, here are 5 ways you can pull off menswear (so tell your boyfriend’s to watch out…their closets probably have a few of the essential items you’ll need).

1. Loafers/Oxfords

Oxfords are usually seen on men paired with a suit. However, for women, oxfords can be a chic alternative to sneakers. Style them with a simple top and bottom, add a sweater or blazer and you’ve got yourself a smart look ready for the day’s events.


2. Collared Shirts

In a hurry and still at your boyfriend’s loft? Don’t worry. Just grab one of his white collared shirts, roll the sleeves up, throw on a pair of jeans and you’re good to go. Keep the top few buttons unbuttoned to create a deep v – giving off a more feminine vibe.

3. Plain White Tee


The plain white tee is the best thing you (or your boyfriend) could have in your wardrobe. This flexible piece pairs perfectly with, well, pretty much anything! From jeans to skirts to shorts; dress it up with jewelry and heels, or keep it casual with leggings and a cute pair of booties.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans give off a cool and casual vibe. If you’re looking for some jeans but don’t want them to be too constricting, this is the perfect pair for you. Go for a top that is more on the fitted side to avoid looking sloppy.

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5. Varsity Jacket

The classic varsity jacket. If your guy was a high school all star, lucky you – snag his varsity jacket to top off any outfit you choose. Pair it with a simple shirt and jeans, a dress, or even a skirt…just be sure that the colors don’t clash.


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