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5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

Relationships are complicated. They require a high level of effort from both parties and are a large time commitment. Because of these requirements, relationships can be stressful, but there are ways to help alleviate this stress and practice a healthy relationship. Here are the 5 ways to have a healthy relationship:

1. Communication

Once in a serious relationship, there is nothing more important than communication. Strong communication or a small lapse of communication can be the difference between an unnecessary fight or an unforgettable moment. While in a relationship communicate everything, whether it has to do with how you feel about the relationship, or how you feel emotionally. More often than not, communication resolves all sorts of issues between you and your partner. One of the many benefits of a strong relationship is to have the trust to confide in your partner. Being transparent with each other by always talking through things is the cornerstone to a healthy relationship. 

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

2. Don’t start a relationship physically

Yes, once in a blue moon you will discover a good connection with someone after a hookup, but I would not advise it. If you want a healthy relationship, seek someone who makes you happy, not your eyes happy. Sometimes a hookup at a party may lead to a great relationship, but it is not necessarily a healthy way to start. Be patient and wait for someone who makes you happy. You’ll know this when you find someone who you want to be with constantly, and despite their flaws, are still glad to be with and be associated with.

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

3. Don’t rely on sex/hooking up

In a healthy relationship, it’s perfectly normal to have sexual desires or sexual behavior with someone, however, it shouldn’t be something that is relied upon. A healthy relationship should be built around emotion rather than physicality. It’s ok to have sex, but there’s no need to shake the bed every time you’re together. In a healthy relationship, ask yourself whether or not you’d be happy with your partner if sex were taken out of the equation. Remember that if you spend the rest of your life with someone, emotion lasts, however, the sex is outgrown with age.

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

4. Try New Things

In a relationship don’t get caught up doing the same things every week or every time you see each other. Always try new things whether it be going to a concert, playing basketball, or going zip lining. Don’t be afraid to shake things up. The more that you two experience and learn together, the stronger your bond will be. There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie together once a week, but try not to fall into the habit of doing the same boring things because it may eventually make the entire relationship seem boring. 

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5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

5. Compliment each other

Obviously, at some point in a relationship you’re going to tell someone how beautiful they are or how good they look, but even if you’ve been in a serious relationship for a long time, continue to compliment your partner. Verbal recognition goes a long way and means a lot to most people. Although the intentions may not be bad, people love to be reminded of how much you love them and how important they are to you. I guarantee that by telling someone how good they look or by complimenting them in any way, you will immediately make a positive impact on them. In a healthy relationship, you may not need to constantly compliment your partner, however doing so will never hurt.

5 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship In 2019

Are you in a healthy relationship? In what ways do you strive to practice a healthy relationship? Comment below to let us know!

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