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5 Ways to Have a Gossip Girl Fall on a Budget

6 Ways to Have a Gossip Girl Fall on a Budget

Gossip Girl, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of this falls elite. And by elite, we mean rich in memories, loaded with style, and connected to loved ones. The influence this show has had on teenagers from the 2010’s is everlasting, but you don’t need to live as a Manhattan socialite in order to feel the influential percussions of this show. Here are 5 ways to have your very own Gossip Girl fall this season, on a budget.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Decorate

Go big or go home. If you know anything about the Upper East siders it’s that they know how to be festive. Every decoration is fair game, but you don’t need a limitless credit card to do so. A great place to find fall decorations is your local thrift store. From pumpkins, to wreaths, table cloths, and more, your local thrift store has affordable and unique pieces to spice up your home this fall. Another easily accessible and affordable to shop for fall decor is the dollar section at your nearest Target. The dollar section includes everything from candles, to wreaths, and even pillows. And lastly, don’t forget about Trader Joes. Trader Joe’s is an underrated spot to get affordable pumpkins, decorative squash, fall plants/flowers, and candles starting at 3 dollars. 

2. Surround Yourself With Your Besties

Can you think of anything better than grabbing a pumpkin spice latte with your besties on a Sunday morning of fall? I can’t. If the Upper East siders have taught us anything it is how important it is to be surrounded by your squad. A good group of people that will have your back no matter what crazy mistakes you make or moves you pull. There are so many great fall activities to do this fall with friends. Now you may not be going weekend shopping at Bergdorf Goodmans or attending Milan fashion week via private jet,7 but there are so many affordable and free activities to do with your best friends this season. For instance, take a long drive out of the city and put on a fun fall playlist to see the colors of the leaves change. Go to a football game and grab drinks at your local pub. Go try a new restaurant and sit outside for the last time of the year. Or even go loose yourself in a museum all day long. As the days start to cool down, it’s important to find a solid squad to hibernate and have fun with this winter. 

3. Dress like Everyday is an Occasion

There is no such thing as casual Friday in the world of the Gossip Girl. Look good, feel good is the new fall mantra. Get out your cozy sweaters, denim, and boots. Dressing up does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort, but it does mean putting in a little more effort that sweats. Feeling your best starts with a good outfit. If you’re feeling your best, you will be capable of anything you put your mind to.  gap is a great place to find affordable and timeless denim and sweaters. Urban Outfitters is a great spot to find that perfect outfit for a night out. And for statement pieces to make your looks one of a kind, head to your local thrift and vintage stores. If you live near or in the Chicago area, check out Kokoroko, Pilsen Vintage, and buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park. 

4. You are the Main Character

Romanticize your life this fall. Every little thing is more fun when you pretend like you’re the main character of a film or best selling novel. From going to the grocery store, to commuting to work and other daily tasks out yourself as the main character. Have the mindset that anything can happen today and manifest great things. Make a playlist to get you going, set goals for your days, get outside and put yourself out there into the world. We all know that this is how Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf live their day to day lives. So give yourself a good plot this fall, work hard, have fun, and expect the unexpected. 

5. Don’t be Afraid to Spice things Up

We all know that if the Upper East siders are good at anything, it’s spicing things up in the world of romance. Cuffing season is among us and you know that that means… time to hit the town and start to mingle. Go to the library or your local coffee shop and find your very own Dan Humphrey. Hit the town with your friends and find your own Chuck Bass on a wild night out. Or take a nice walk through the city and find you a Nate Archibald. This is the perfect time of the year to take that chance, fall in love, confess your love, or kiss a stranger. You have nothing to loose, you are the main character after all!

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6. Throw a Party

Every Gossip Girl fan knows that the Upper East siders love to throw a good party. In order to achieve the ultimate Gossip Girl fall, you must throw a party or event. You don’t need to cater food, provide a full service bar, hire a party planner, and have gift bags, like the Upper East siders, you can do it your way affordably and efficiently. Step one is picking a theme. Is it a birthday celebration, or just a fun reason to get your friends all together? Decide on a theme so that your guests know the vibe and dress accordingly. Next tell your guests it’s BYOB. You will save so much money by not having to provide alcohol for everyone. Another way to save is having the party time at a later start, that way you do not have to provide dinner and people will eat before they come. Snacks should be provided but they should be things you can easily find at the nearest grocery store. The last step is to decorate. Go to the dollar store for this. You should not pay more than a dollar for streamers, balloons, ect especially if you plan to throw them out after the party is over.  Follow these steps and you’re bound for a fun night filled with memories. 

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