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5 Ways To Add Color To Your Dorm Decor

5 Ways To Add Color To Your Dorm Decor

When you’re looking to decorate your dorm, it’s a fine balance to find that color pop and color clutter. There are fun creative ways to add that special color pop that will make your dorm room come together. Without having to buy a lot of objects that will take up your space. Adding your color is easy if you know how to do it decisively. Luckily, Soceity19 is here to help you. Here are 5 ways to add color to your dorm. 

This color hack is great when you’re looking for functional art.

1. Colorful Comforters

This creative color hack is a great way to add that special pop to your dorm room without adding clutter. There are a wide variety of comforters that can make your bed a work of art. There are detailed comforters full of floral designs, ocean themes, galaxies or solid colors that will fit any color scheme and style. I personally have a running theme of blue and white throughout my living space with soft color pops of yellow. To accommodate my color scheme, I bought a beautiful comforter that is a soft blue with white and yellow flowers on it. It brought that continued sense of color throughout my space and made the whole room seem consistent. When you’re looking to add a work of art to your dorm without breaking that college budget, a comforter is a great way to bring a functional piece of art into your dorm room decor. 

This color pop is perfect to adding that softness to a living space.

2. Lamp Color Pops

Lamps are perfect for adding that soft warmth to a dorm room, but did you know that they could also help your color scheme match? Lamps are a perfect little extra color pop that can help add that color continuance throughout your space. And the best part is you can play with lightning and color unlike other decorative items. I love how white turns a soft pink or cream given the right lighting. For those snowy dark days, having a bright comforting light to add some warmth back into the room makes a world of difference. Adding soft colors have been shown to improve your mood and reduce anxiety. And with the intense schedules of college classes and a potential job, we all could use a little soft light in our lives. This color scheme trick is perfect for when you’re looking to add some color and warmth into your living space. 

This is a fun creative way to add color to your space.

3. Picture Frames

Picture frames are great not to only add color but texture to your dorm decorations. By texture I mean the soft sanded textures that are only available with a few select decorative items. Picture frames are a great way to further affirm that rustic look or sleek design, depending on your style. For instance, a soft sanded wooden picture frame adds that sense of rustic farmhouse look, perfect for giving a sense of warmth to a living space. In contrast, a black sleek picture frame adds that sense of dynamic design that further brings that sleek shine to your dorm. And with so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, there is a picture frame that can be found for anyone out there. Looking for a project that will help decorate your space? Painting picture frames or decorating them is a great craft for a rainy day that will be a lasting work of art for your dorm. I personally love getting wooden picture frames and adding my own designs to make them as unforgettable as the images that I put in them. In addition, these picture frames are great for gifts to give your friends and family. When you’re looking for an art project or a rustic/ sleek look to carry on your dorm theme, try some picture frames to bring your look together. 

This color pop is well worth the investment.

4. Desk Chair

While this is a more expensive item on our color list, this one piece of furniture can either make or break a dorm room’s decor. The chair and desk are the centerpiece of any dorm room and must be color coordinated in order to add that special pop to your dorm room. When your friends come to visit your living space one of the first places their eyes will travel to is your desk set up. You want a chair that is both colorful and comfy for your college needs. And while it might not be ideal in the short term, buying a nice desk chair in the long term is both a great investment for your college career and your interior decorating. I recommend picking a neutral color, something that you know you’ll love years from now that will go with almost anything. No matter what colors you decide to decorate with in the future. I personally love a soft cream for this as it brings a sense of lightness to a room without being overpowering to a given space. Treat yourself for your next decoration adventure with a quality desk chair. 

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This color pop is a perfect way to bring a space together.

5. Desk Color 

Desks are a lasting part of college, and while any hard surface works. Like the desk chair, a good desk is a great long term investment for your college career and beyond. Especially in this day and age of working and living our lives online. I would recommend a neutral color again like white, soft pink, cream or black. I personally have had my desk since high school, meaning it has lived through the goth phase. I have a sleek black desk that I have decorated with light cream objects to bring back that color pop. Regardless of your desk color or preferences make sure it’s something that will make  you happy in the long run when choosing a desk color. 


When you’re looking to add color to your dorm room but are not sure how to add that color pop without adding that dorm room clutter, these hacks will keep your living space free and fabulous. And with so many colors to choose from and items to express it on, there is a color tip for everyone on this list.