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5 Ways To Style Your Long T-Shirt

Is a long t-shirt still “in”? Yes! Not only are they still in but they are a closet staple and embraced by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ciara, Taylor Momen, and many more. These lovely ladies know what they are talking about when it comes to the fashion world.  Here are 5 outfits inspired by them and that can easily be incorporated in your lifestyle and kick start your love for long tees.

1. Day to Night Casual!

From running the world by day to grabbing a drink by night this look is an effortless, but put together outfit. The long tee (foundation) gives a sense of “this is the natural me” but when you pair it with a tight skinny jean and a simple statement purse it gives you that chic look. This outfit is also the best when in a hurry! Add a few bangles, a cardigan and comfy slip-on sandals for the day then change out to a bold necklace, a shearling jacket and mules and you’re ready for the night.

2. City Professional.

Kendall Jenner! Who doesn’t love this girl, let alone her style! She is notorious for her off-the-runway outfits.  In this outfit you pair a long tee with a bold blue blazer and a distressed white skinny jean. For the accessories it is paired with a color bloc bangle, dainty necklace, a structured purse and to pull it all together, black pumps.

3. The College girl.

If you are a student or just busy person, you may not have time to look both cute and comfortable.  With this outfit the main attraction is the long high slit tee and a black jean that can be substituted with yoga pants! For accessories you have a bracelet, watch, and a large black purse. As for the shoes, black sneakers. This outfit is the perfect for a hustle and bustle lifestyle.

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4. Parisian Explorer.

You don’t need to be born and raised in Paris to be a Parisian! With this long tee dress, matinê hat, necklaces, black purse and converse you are set on a day to explore the streets.

5. “I Workout!” Outfit

Why not looks super cute for the gym? With a long oversized printed tee, yoga pants, bright colored sneakers and a baseball cap you are ready to get an amazing workout while looking fab and fit!
*All opinions are my own. Disclaimer: I do not own these images; please visit the website in the sourced links.
Are long T-shirt still “in” in your opinion? How do you style them? Comment below and share this article!
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Kristine Aguirre

Kristine was born in Los Angeles, California and is a third year Biology student with a Pre-Health concentration at the University of Florida. She has a passion for art, fashion and makeup but also loves food, Taylor Swift and traveling. She can never get tired of sushi, pasta and the American sitcom “The Nanny.” Her wanderlust has taken her to California, Nevada, all over Florida, the East Coast, Europe and Asia.

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