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The 5 Types of People in Every Group Project

The 5 Types of People in Every Group Project


Group projects can be fun…if you have the right members. However, there are always instances in which your group is picked for you, and the types of people that make up your team turn out to be — for the most part — spawns of the devil. Here are the 5 types of people you will see in just about every group project, for better or worse.

1. The Leaders

We all know the people that (seemingly) wait their whole lives just to have total control of a group project. Before your group has even assembled, they have already decided who will do what tasks. They feel responsible for the rest of the group, and will hold themselves accountable for any mistakes.

2. The Slackers

Oh, boy. If you’re someone that strived to have the best grades in school, you hated the slackers with a burning passion. First off, while your professor was explaining the assignment, they were sleeping. Now that they’ve awoken from their slumber, they look at the other members of the group, clueless as ever. The leader assigns them their role, and they respond with “whatever.” You cannot, I REPEAT, you cannot rely on slackers to do their part of the project. They always find a way to get out of doing work.


3. The Workers

They’re the ones that have been getting straight A’s since kindergarten. Their main job in life is to get the highest grades and to get accepted into an Ivy League. Some of them are total kiss-ups. The best part about these types of people is that they will always compensate for the slacker in the group. You can’t help but feel bad for them. Though it may seem like the leader is the one that holds the group together, the workers truly deserve the recognition.

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4. The Perfectionists

They’re pretty annoying because even if you’re project is done well, they have to make last minute changes to their liking. They will revise a script in a matter of minutes if need be. If they don’t get their way, all hell will break loose. They will constantly hound other group members to make sure that the project is going well.


5. The Artists

These characters can either be the best group members or the worst group members. If they actually are artistically capable, their talents just might take your project from a B to an A. However, sometimes they can get way too concentrated on color and patterns and shapes. If you don’t bring the artists back on track, you may never finish your project.

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