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5 Types Of Friends You Need To Let Go

One of the biggest parts of getting older and coming of age is deciding if you have the right people around you. Sometimes this means having to reevaluate some of the people who you currently consider your friends. It might be hard to let go of certain people but, how are you supposed to grow if you have people in your life that are blocking the sun? So I bring to you several different types of friends to let go that you might want to distance yourself from.

Negative Nancy

Let me begin with the very well-known Negative Nancy. We all know that one girl who can never be happy for herself or anyone else for that matter. As soon as you share any exciting news she’s the first one to come up with a way of how it could go wrong. They say misery loves company and that is definitely the case with someone like a Negative Nancy. It’s one thing to be honest and realistic it’s another to just be plain negative for no reason. At the end of the day, who really wants a friend they can’t even share great news with? She just might have to take her negative self somewhere else.

Moody Margaret

Next we have Moody Margaret. One minute she’s the sweetest happiest person you know and the next she’s angry with you for something as simple as not texting her back right away. What’s unfortunate about this is that you can’t attribute it to PMS because she’s like this 24/7. There is nothing wrong with having a friend that is emotional sometimes but when handling your own ups and downs it can get a little frustrating. Dealing with someone else’s emotions ALL the time could possibly lead to ignoring your own because of your concern for them. The number one person you should always be worried about is yourself and that can’t happen if your always trying to make sure someone else is pleased. It might just be time to let go of your Moody Margaret so you don’t have to worry about her and all her mood swings.

Leah the Leech

This is the girl who always wants to go out but never seems to have the funds to do so. You’re always driving in your car because she doesn’t want to use her gas or contribute anything to your tank for that matter. This is the type of person that is willing to take every advantage of your kindness. Eleven times out of ten she has probably “forgotten” her card or wallet at home. One thing about Leah is that she’ll use you up until she can’t anymore. So of course when your funds are low or your just not looking to spend, Leah’s calls are sure to lessen. The great thing about letting Leah go is how much money you’d be saving because we all know how sacred money is in college.

Twinning Tonya

At least once before we’ve all seen one of those lifetime movies when someone is so infatuated with everything the main character represents that they become obsessed. It may seem like it would never happen but Twinning Tonya may be someone to look out for. I’m not saying she’ll go as far as killing you like in some movies but she may not want to be someone you keep around. This is the friend that buys everything they ever see you in, has to hang out with the same exact people as you, and she also might happen to always be in a relationship whenever you are. Imitation is supposed to be the best form of flattery, but anyone that takes it too far you should be cautious of.  Twinning Tonya will only go as far as you let her so if you notice some things be sure to discuss it.

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Fake Felicia

I’m going to finish off with Fake Felicia. This is the friend that’ll act a certain way depending on the people she is around. Sometimes it could be hard to tell who this person is unless you see her in the act or have heard stories from other people. Felicia is the type of person that makes so many lies to keep up with her different personas that she may even sometimes forget how to be herself.  She easily changes up who she’s cool with so you have to be super careful about any information you tell her because she’ll be quick to share it just to feel like she’s fitting in. This is the type of person you definitely don’t want to be too close to so that is doesn’t hurt as much when you have to say BYE FELICIA.

Having the right people around you can have a huge influence on your growth so you have to beware of those that may not have your best interest. Observing and being aware of the people around you is the only sure way to be sure you have the right people in your circle of friends. With all this in mind be sure to be aware of the people who you really need in your life.

Are there any other types of friends to let go of that we didn’t list? Let us know down below!
Taylor Desantos

Taylor Desantos, 19, is currently studying a William Paterson University in New Jersey. She is majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor is Music Management. She considers herself a pretty big music junkie which is why she is looking to have a career in the entertainment industry.

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