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5 Tricks to Cure Your Hangover

Everyone is on the search for a hangover cure; from drinks made with raw egg to sweating it out in a sauna – there are tons of tricks that people swear by. However, I wouldn’t get your hopes up – I have tried most of these and they don’t work, BUT, everyone is different so maybe (hopefully) they will work for you!

1. Greasy Breakfast

It is not scientifically proven, but who doesn’t love BACON?! A lot of people have sworn by this remedy, however, according to doctors; eating a greasy breakfast when you’re hungover will probably just give you heartburn. In fact, many doctors recommend eating light and staying hydrated.

2. Water and Sports Drinks

In my opinion, this is the most famous way to “cure” a hangover. The main culprit for hangovers is dehydration, so obviously loading up on water is essential to re-hydrate. Sports drinks will also help replace electrolytes that you may have lost while drinking.

3. Coffee.

To all the coffee lovers out there, this may be the best remedy yet. Lots of people use coffee to stay awake; however, caffeine can also treat headaches for many people (aka those who are addicted to it). While coffee will definitely help put a little pep in your step, and potentially ward off a headache, it’s also incredibly dehydrating – so be sure to drink a LOT of water.

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4. Toast and Crackers

Remember when we would get sick when we were younger and mom would stock us up with saltine crackers? Well thanks to our parents, we have a little trick in our back pockets to help combat hangovers! If you’re experiencing the type of hangover that has left you glued to your toilet all night, try eating toast and crackers. If you can keep these items down, the carbs will help bring your blood sugar levels back up.

5. The last trick, be a man!

We all know our own limits, so the best trick in the book is to just drink responsibly. Limit your drinks to one or two every hour. The faster you drink, the higher the risk for a brutal hangover. ALWAYS eat a hearty meal when you go out drinking, and try to keep a water bottle in your hand throughout the night. If that’s not an option, try the 1 for 1 trick. For every drink you order, ask for a cup of water alongside it.
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