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5 Trendy Hairstyles To WOW In Class

5 Trendy Hairstyles To WOW In Class

It’s 8 a.m. and you’ve got 15 minutes to put together a hairstyle and be out the door before class. You’ve tried everything you can think of to fix the infamous bed hair we all struggle with every morning. I’m here to tell you, worry no more girly, I got your back with these 5 easy and super cute hairstyles.

1. Slicked Back Ponytail

Your typical ponytail hairstyles have been around for ages, but this time, we’re giving it a chic makeover. Start off by wetting your hair. You’ll want it pretty wet, but don’t worry because we’re blow drying it too. Using a round headed brush, work your way through with the blow dryer, getting any knots and tangles out. This will give your hair that clean, soft look. Next, you’re going to pull out any hair cream or serum you may have in your bathroom. Massaging the cream through your hair will allow it to lay flat giving it that slick look we’re wanting to achieve. Brush your hair (with a paddle brush preferably), making sure to get any fly aways along the way. You want to leave the hair looking smooth and ready to pull back. Finally, take your brush and start collecting your hair back, making sure to collect from all around. Once you feel ready, take an elastic band and secure your hair in place. You can use any gels, hair sprays, or even water to pat down hair left behind. Now you have a fabulous look and you’re headed to class.


2. Half Up Half Down

I’ve been doing this look on myself before class and I love how versatile it can be. You can make it your own and I’ll show you how. Start off by combing your hair out, getting any tangles out of the way. Next step is up to you in how you want to approach it. You can choose to go the half up high pony route that will give you that bouncy, cute girl look. There’s also pulling a couple of hair strands from the front and pulling them back. That gives you more of a sophisticated, modern look. Whichever you choose, start by sectioning out your hair and collecting it using a hair tie or clip. You want this to be a looser hairstyle, not so tight in the back or up high that it’ll pull at your face. Now, just work on the baby hair and get them under control. I sometimes like to pull a couple strands to the front and fluff up the front a bit to give it that effortless look. If you have extra time, you might consider adding a few waves to the bottom of the hair. You’ll be giving it that beach wave style that will step up your hair game!

3. Space Buns

These hairstyles are out of this world, especially the space buns! This a fun look to do in the morning. Every time you look in the mirror, you can’t help smiling. Begin by sectioning your hair into two parts, one for each side. Turn that into two pigtails, you can choose how high or low you want them. Secure them with an elastic hair tie and tighten them up. Make sure they  are completely pulled back for this next step. You are going to want to twist the hair like a rope and wrap it around going in a circle. This will create the form of the bun. Do the same to the other side and secure nicely. All there’s left to do is check them out and see how you like them. You can add some final touches, but you should be ready to WOW them on campus.


4. Braided Bun

Another one of our fun bun hairstyles is the Braided Bun. If you’re a fan of braids like I am, You’re going to love mastering this one. Buns are a pretty easy style to put together. Adding in braids will only raise its popularity. First, make sure to brush your hair out if you haven’t already. Keep a couple of hair ties on hand, because you’ll need it here in a minute. Pull your hair back, leaving a small section of hair on both sides. This is going to be the part you braid back. Starting nearest to the scalp, braid the hair in backwards motion, making sure the braid is leading towards the back of the head. When you get to the end, secure with either a hair tie or bobby pin to keep the braid intact. Repeat for the next side as well. Now that you have your braid, take out your hair and collect it all to include the two braids. Tie it up and secure. Just like we did with our space buns, you’re wanting you hair  to twist and wrap around to form the bun. Grab another hair tie to lock in place. There you have it! A hairstyle that you keep you alert and ready to impressing in your morning class.

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5. Bubble Ponytail

This has become one of the latest ponytail hairstyles hitting the spotlight lately. You’re going to want to prep your hair for the one. Start by using hair products such as mousse, hair spray, or gel to get your hair looking smooth. I like to go high with I do this look. By gathering your hair, you’re going to pull it back into a high ponytail. Being aware of any fly aways or hairs poking out, lay everything down nicely. Next, you’re going to go down the length of the pony tail, wrapping hair ties along it at different sections. This will create the illusion the bubble ponytail. A trick I learned is making the bubble sections bigger by gently pulling at pieces of hair to give off a fuller look. This is such a fun updo to work with, especially when you’re looking to switch up your everyday routine with a hairstyle that will POP in school.

What are you waiting for! We’ve showed you everything you need to work 5 trendy hairstyles into your morning routine. Try them out and Let us know which was your favorite!


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