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5 Trendy Decoration Ideas Perfect for Your Dorm

5 Trendy Decoration Ideas Perfect for Your Dorm

Decorations are a must when having to live in a boring dorm room for the whole school year. Having decorations makes the whole experience a bit more exciting and makes your room more inviting and comfy. Here are 5 trendy decoration ideas that will make any dorm room a place you actually want to be in!

1. Deer Head

Something that is very popular right now is displaying animal heads as decorations. I picked this deer head up from Hobby Lobby and added the flowers to match with my room. The flowers add a personal touch (as well as a burst of color) to the plain deer head, plus it gives off a cool, earthy vibe!

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2. Flowered Initial

This decoration is so fun to make and it adds some color and warmth to your dorm room. Simply purchase the letter of choice from your local craft store (or make your own out of cardboard), pick out some flowers that match your room theme, and then hot glue them down to the letter. For a decoration that will last the entire year, make sure to use fake flowers.

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3. Hanging Pictures

This next decoration is really neat and puts a twist on the original way of hanging pictures. I took a picture frame, removed the glass and backing, and stapled some string to either side of the frame making two rows (you can do more rows if you want). From these strings I attached Polaroids with a clothespin.

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4. Inspirational Board

An inspiration board is a must for someone like me. It is a constant reminder of the goals I am working towards everyday. It’s a great way to get some early morning motivation and keep you smiling throughout the day. I took a quark board and just found some pictures, verses, and quotes that are inspiring and taped them to the board.


5. Canopy

I love the look of a canopy on my bed. To jazz it up, add some lights to put around the canopy, throw a couple of jumbo pillows and a fuzzy blanket on the bed, and just like that you’ve taken your dorm room to bland hole in the wall to a trendy, cozy oasis.

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Got any other decoration ideas? Let us know down below!
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