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5 Trends That Have Come Back from the 90s and Why They Are Here to Stay

5 Trends That Have Come Back from the 90s and Why They Are Here to Stay

5 Trends from the 90s and Why They are Here to Stay

90s clothing has slowly made its way into the present time. From athleisure sets to velvet material, these five trends are coming back and are here to stay. So what makes these trends popular, and how do they not go out of style?



1. Claw Clips

Claw clips were top-rated in the 90s, and this trend continued into the early 2000s. Even though its popularity declined, people still bought these hair accessories at drug stores. Claw clips weren’t seen as fashionable. Instead, wearing a claw clip meant you would likely get made fun of. However, the rise of 90s trends has helped this once stylish hair clip become fashionable again. Alexander Wang was one of the few people who helped bring it back into style. He featured the clip in one of his fashion shows, with the name Wang written on it. Soon models and celebrities were seen with a claw clips in their hair, like Bella Hadid. With celebrities and models showcasing this hair clip, other people also started to wear them. Soon, it became a trend; sporting a claw clip is now the epitome of fashion.


What’s great about this accessory is how affordable it is. Celebrities often wear expensive items that could cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can get claw clips almost anywhere. Trends that stay and flourish are ones where all people can purchase them. So it’s intriguing to see this accessory rise, dip, and then rise again. One Alexander Wang fashion show sparked a whole trend, bringing back a once rejected clip.



2. Athleisure sets

In the 90s, athleisure sets were widely popular. Back then, the clothing’s purpose was for working out at the gym. People can still wear athleisure sets to the gym; however, athleisure has changed its purpose since the 90s. Athleisure sets can now be worn as casual or lounging wear. Sometimes pieces of clothing don’t go out of style because the meaning of that clothing has been repurposed. Now people are wearing these sets to the grocery store, to hang out with some friends, or just to run errands. These sets can come in various patterns and colors, making them appealing to multiple groups of people. Simplicity is another factor that can keep a trend alive for a long time. An athleisure set is timeless; as long as it’s workout material, it can be any cut or design. By being timeless, it can surpass other 90s trends that failed to achieve that goal of staying relevant.

Today, athletic sets are more neutral colors with a simple modern design. Cutouts on athletic sets are standard. Athleisure isn’t just worn to the gym; the clothing can be worn anywhere. ItIt’sntriguing to see how clothing evolves, how the purpose of the dress can change, and how that can also determine if a trend dies or survives.


2. Slip Dresses

With trends dying quickly, it seems simplicity is the way to go. The slip dress does just this, a dress usually made out of light fabric with a lacy hem. ItIt’serfect for a casual brunch with friends or a great outfit when you want low effort but high fashion. Slip dresses can be paired with anything from high heels to chunky boots. This dress can also be worn in the winter when it’s over a long-sleeved t-shirt and some tights.

Their original purpose was to be worn underneath clothes for coverage or to make sure other clothing items wouldn’t move. However, in the 90s, women started experimenting with the slip dress, seeing if it could be a fashion statement. Like all trends, the slip dress got popular through celebrities showcasing this item of clothing in everyday wear. As a result, popularity soared, and slip dresses are still in stores today.

The slip dress can be accessorized with almost anything due to its variety of colors, patterns, and material the fabric. With the slip dress going from an undergarment to its own piece of clothing it shows that a clothing’s purpose can always change to fit the present time’s fashion.


3. Biker Shorts

Go into any clothing store, and you’re sure to find a plethora of biker shorts. They come in all colors ranging from black to neon checker print. These biker shorts are often paired with an oversized t-shirt and sneakers in today’s fashion world. While biker shorts are a great look for casual wear, they can also be dressed up for business with a blazer and heels.

The biker shorts have come back because they can fit all body types. The stretchy material isn’t restrictive and is also cute at the same time. The trend will stay long when a clothing item isn’t restricted to a specific body type. These long stretchy shorts first came back in a 2018 fashion show, catching the public’s attention. Biker shorts have also been made in different materials, such as denim. Using other fabrics expands the fashion possibilities for biker shorts.




4. Cargo Pants

During the 90s, cargo pants were a fashion staple, with celebrities like Avril Lavinge sporting the cargo pants look. Today, cargo pants can be seen on celebrities such as Dua Lipa. Cargo pants became famous because of their drawstring waist and baggy pant legs. However, there has been an increase in wide-leg pants with a drawstring waist sold as inspiration from the original 90s cargo pants.


Cargo pants can be styled for streetwear or dressed for a more classy look. Pair some cargo shorts with a loose crop top with boots, and you got an effortless fashion look. Today, cargo pants come in different styles ranging from the classic wide leg to more form-fitting cargo pants.

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5. Cardigans

Another clothing item that gained popularity from the Y2K/90s era surge is the cardigan. Cardigans in the 90s look vastly different from today’s cardigan version. In the 90s, the cardigans were chunkier and were often long lengthwise. Generally, in the 90s, they were buttoned all the way to the top and worn during late fall/summer. In today’s version of the cardigan, it’s often cropped. The cropped cardigan can vary from sitting at the end of the waist to resting just underneath the chest. In addition to the length difference, the material is not the same. Some of the cardigans of 2022 are a lot thinner, allowing someone to wear these year-round instead of just for winter.

Cardigans got popular in the 90s with Kurt Cobain. He took a cardigan which was associated with grandparents and turned it into something cool. He often wore big chunky cardigans when performing his songs. Taylor Swift then helped popularized this clothing item in present day. Even one of her songs is called cardigan, which only boosted the popularity even more.


Cardigans are still popular today due to pop culture. Figures like Kurt Cobain and Taylor Swift wear something that is considered outdated and turn it into fashion. The cardigan is constantly evolving, going from chunky knit fabric to cropped thin material.


Did we miss any iconic clothing items from the 90s that you love? Let us know down in the comments!