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5 Top Pizza Places In Gainesville

Everyone knows Gainesville is known for some great pizza places. Throughout my first year in Gainesville, I got to indulge in some of the best pizza places in town. I did not know that so many options were available, but let me share with you some of the places where quality exceeds the price!

5. Blaze Pizza – 3617 SW Archer Rd

Build Your OWN Pizza.

This means unlimited toppings with a wide variety to choose from! From multiple types of cheeses (including vegan cheese!) to a wide range of meats and veggies to make your pizza a bit healthier. Best of all: their thin, crispy crusts from the brick oven they cook the pizzas in!

4. Dough Religion- 1404 W University Ave

So, Dough Religion is similar to Blaze with their “build your own pizza” option.

What’s a difference then?  Well, their crust is packed with flavor and their toppings are a little fresher than Blaze. Although they have less toppings to choose from, one can easily taste the fresh non GMO ingredients that are used. Along with the quality taste that Dough Religion brings, they also offer a pizza of the day for $5! Rumor has it that they make pretty great cocktails, (if you are of age of course!)

3. Blue Highway – 2130 E Silver Springs Blvd

This restaurant is a little further than most of the other pizza places in Gainesville, however, it is worth the drive to Micanopy.

It may be a bit pricey, but they have tons of pizza choices. From flatbreads to thin crust to Sicilian pizzas along with the option of Gluten-Free crusts, you never run out of options. You have the option to build your own pizza or even choose from the many popular specialty pizzas they have. If you are not a big pizza fan, they have other options as well!

2. Satchels- 1800 NE 23rd Ave

So, this place is ranked as one of the fourteen restaurants to visit in Florida. Impressive!

See Also

With the groovy and hipster atmosphere, it brings a lot of attraction to this place. The seating is very scenic, you can eat inside an old hippy van! If you want to grub on some pizza with some friends, this is the place to go! With their specialty deep-dish pizza, it is definitely a good idea to split it with a few peeps (unless you believe that any pizza can be a personal pizza!) Before you head to this place, make sure you have cash on you because they do not accept cards!

1. Leonardo’s -1245 W University Ave

Why is Leonardo’s (By the Slice) ranked as number one you ask?

The taste and size of the pizza exceeds beyond the price they charge. (It is DEFINITELY college budget friendly) They also have daily specials that are worth trying! Vegan options are also available, along with fresh (and huge) salads. The garlic rolls are something you don’t want to miss.
Any other good pizza places in Gainesville? Comment below or share this aritcle!
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Hannah Lee

Hanah Lee is a first year at the University of Florida and is currently studying International Studies. She hopes to travel often but also make a difference in third world countries. In her free time, she likes to sing, play guitar, listen to music, workout and hang out with friends!

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