5 Tips You Should Know Before Going Out to The Club

5 Tips You Should Know Before Going Out to The Club

The club has been a part of the young adult experience since who knows when! This is a fun experience for most individuals because it allows you to socialize, dance, and drink if you are at the appropriate age. We assume everyone that attends the club is there to have a good time like ourselves and spread good vibes but that is not always the case! There are a few dangers that you can bump into if you are not careful or educated in those events.

I’m definitely not trying to scare you! I want you to enjoy yourself just like I would but it is another aspect. Safety is the biggest concern on a night out. I’m sure most of our guardians had that talk with us once we started hitting up the streets right? If not here’s a good pep talk on keeping yourself safe and sound as you enjoy your young adulthood out and about!

Carry Pepper Spray Or Something To Protect Yourself

This is really important because safety is always first! I know we assume everyone is out to have a good time like we are but it’s not always the case. When alcohol or opportunity is present some people are just waiting to take advantage. Especially as young women, we are at risk for a lot of violent crime in that type of setting. Carry a small purse so you can carry your defense inside without exposing it or having no excess at all.


I know it can be intimidating or you just don’t want to worry about that type of energy but unfortunately being surrounded by strangers puts you at risk. You rather be safe than sorry in any potential scenario. If you are with a group, you can designate someone to be the defender, carry the protection and be on the lookout for everyone in your group.

Be Careful Accepting Drinks From Strangers

This is a very important one when it comes to clubbing or club hopping! There are sick people out there who likes to date rape or drug people for the fun of it. There have been many reports of people being drugged and raped or robbed after accepting a drink they didn’t pay for or go get themselves. They usually slip a pill into your drink and because we are usually dancing or just in a state of having fun, we don’t see that little moment. This moment can cost you a lifetime of regret and fear. Absolutely refuse drinks that you did not see opened in front of you and handed to you.

If you do decide to accept drinks, make sure you are able to track the drink all the way until it gets to you. This ensures that you can see all the activity involved in bringing you that drink. I know it sounds like a bit much but you can not be too trusting of anyone! People are good at deceiving people and this is not a chance you should take! No eyes on the drink, don’t drink!


Always Have A Designated Driver

This is crucial in alcohol consumption and clubbing! There are so many DUI-related deaths because people choose to drive drunk! That is unacceptable! We all love to have a good time but not at a deadly cost. Having a friend who vows to stay sober while everyone drinks is an option that should be exercised vigorously. We do have ride-sharing apps that can safely get you to point A to B and where ever else you want to go. Its still important to have a designated friend because it can be multiple scenarios that can be dangerous.

If everyone is intoxicated, judgments and decisions can be problematic. This is where a sober-minded individual will bring rationale to a situation. As young ladies especially are already stated that they are preyed upon most! Keep everyone close-knit and accounted for every so often to keep safe!

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Take Only What You May Need

It is important to keep valuables that are not needed at home! Going to clubs, it is packed with provide opportunities for a clever thief to steal and get away easily. If you are planning a night of clubbing estimate the cost of all the expenses like entrance cost, alcohol budget, food after, and transportation. This will keep you from bringing an excess of credit cards or cash that can be swiped away from you. Keep your jewelry at a minimal level because that is also a target for thieves looking for a come-up.

Carrying a small, purse is ideal with some sort of lock or button it. This will make it hard for thieves to get into your belongings in a timely manner. I would say wear the purse as a crossbody bag because purse snatching is also another factor in clubs. You cannot be too safe when protecting not just yourself but your belongings in clubs.

Let Someone Know Where You Are At All Times

I’ve watched so many investigation shows about people who go missing and how no one knew the last place they were. It is important that someone besides the ones you are going clubbing with know where you are. My father implemented this into me so young because he needed to know I was safe. We are never too grown to have someone watching our back.


A simple text or call to a trusted individual will ensure you know someone has your best interest at heart. It can be a parent, sibling, friend, etc… You should start this habit so if something is off, they will know right away. We as people trust patterns so immediately our senses raise when those patterns are broken. Keep someone in the know while you club and gave fun. If you do feel uneasy, I would say call that person and be descriptive as you can. Hopefully, the person you entrust has the means to get to you or get you away safely!

What tips has someone taught you? Have you had a bad experience clubbing? What tip will you use next time you go out? Let us know in the comments.

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