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5 Tips To Keeping A Clean Dorm

5 Tips To Keeping A Clean Dorm

We all have to do it but nobody wants to, cleaning. Keeping tidy is important for any house and especially for a dorm room. When things are unclean it can feel like the walls are closing in on you. It’s been proven that keeping a tidy home can relieve anxiety and sleeping problems. Yet with tough class and work schedules, it can feel impossible to take the time to clean your dorm. Society19 is here for you! Here are 5 tips to keep your dorm clean and help you stress less. 

Setting Schedules
This tip is great for those with busy schedules.

1. Set Schedules 

While this tip may seem a little obvious, it does help for those both in and out of college. For instance, scheduling certain days to clean certain parts of your dorm room can make cleaning manageable with a busy schedule. While dedicating certain tasks of cleaning throughout the week, you can keep a clean dorm room and your mind less stressed. Scheduling cleaning like this allows you to also delegate certain tasks to roommates so that the cleaning load is fair and clear among all parties. This can alleviate the stress and tension between roommates when you feel like you’re doing all the work and cleaning. When you want to manage your dorm’s upkeep and prevent yourself from burning out, try this tip out to help you keep a clean dorm. 


Multi Surface Cleaners
This tip will save you time and money when on a college budget.

2. Buy Multi Surface Cleaners

These cleaning solutions are great for multiple services, saving you money and time spent between cleaning products. Instead of having to buy a cleaning solution for the bathroom, another for your eating area, bedroom, desk and ect., you can save yourself time and money with one solution for a clean dorm. In addition, some companies make great cleaning solutions that have refreshing scents including lavender and grapefruit that keep your dorm room smelling fresh and clean without being overpowering. Some companies or solutions contain bleach and can feel overpowering for a small living space. Yet with some gentle surface cleaners, this takes the problem away while still sterilizing tough grime and stains of your dorm room. This cleaning solution is great for a college budget, having multiple functions and saving you trips to the store and money on different solutions. I personally take a sponge or cleaning rag and spray down the surface I want to clean. I wait about 1 minute to ensure that the solution has enough time to sterilize the surface that needs cleaning. The difference is like night and day. I have not used another surface cleaner since. When you’re looking to minimize cleaning time and chemicals in making a clean dorm, try this tip out. 

Wire Brushes and Scrubs
This tip is great for getting out those tough stains.

3. Wire Brushes And Scrubs  

Do you have a tough stain that simply will not come out? Wire brushes and scrub brushes are a must for any stubborn stain to keep a clean dorm. If you cook quick snacks in your dorm on a plate or small pan, wire brushes are perfect for scrubbing food particles off the surface before you wash it. These brushes are great for scrubbing stubborn stains that may be lurking on your counter tops or desk. Note, that a wire brush should be your last resort when scrubbing out tough stains on your surfaces. They are not friendly to finishes and or paint. Be careful when using them as they are known to scrub off paint or finishes on wood work if you scrub too hard. If a wire brush is a little too tough for a surface that needs cleaning, you can also try  a plastic scrubbing brush. These brushes are much gentler on surfaces and are not known for scrubbing wood finishes or paint. When you’re looking to keep a clean dorm room, try this tip out. 

Hydrogen Peroxide
This tip for getting tough stains out of any surface.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Yes you read right, hydrogen peroxide, the chemical used to sterilize surgical tools is a great way to sterilize your home. But it has a hidden power that few know about. Removing stains! Most stain sticks that you see on tv are composed of two ingredients, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. If you have a stubborn stain on your clothes, simply add some hydrogen peroxide to the stain and watch as it turns a foamy white. Once the solution has finished bubbling, go ahead and rinse it off and give it a good scrub. Repeat the process until the stain has disappeared. Another fun fact about hydrogen peroxide is that it is especially successful for removing blood stains. If you’re like me, and get bloody noses during the cold season, this chemical is a life saver. Hydrogen peroxide has saved many of my sweaters from being ruined due to my nose bleeds. This chemical works by attacking organic substances that are deep within the threads of your clothes. The hydrogen peroxide is designed to have a chemical reaction triggered when it meets organic material. Through it’s white foaming reaction, it is lifting those chemical components of organic material, taking it with it as you rinse and scrub it off your clothes. When you’re looking for the ultimate stain cleaner, try this tip out. 

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Wipes As Swiffer Pads
This tip is great when looking to save some extra money and keep your dorm smelling fresh.

5. Clorox Wipes As Swiffer Pads

Do you have a Swiffer but feel like the liquid and pads are a constant burden for your finances? Do you want a cheaper and better alternative to sterilizing your floors? Soceity19 is here for you! By using two Clorox wipes and adding them to the bottom of your Swiffer instead of your Swiffer pad, you can clean your dorm room in seconds while also sterilizing your surfaces more than the normal Swiffer liquids do. This tip is perfect for those quick spot cleans as well. I have saved so much money with this tip. Over $50 every month. Clorox wipes are especially cheap and do not require any extra maintenance or expensive solution like the typical Swiffer cleaning products. The cleaning solution is already on the wipes not only saving you money, but saving you time. If you’re like me and want to get your cleaning over with as soon as possible, this tip is perfect for keeping your home clean and fresh. 



Cleaning can be a hassle, there is no way around it. Yet with these easy tips you can minimize the time you’re cleaning and keep your dorm room fresh. With these 5 easy tips, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning again.