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5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

Being a college student can be very stressful. Between finding time to manage your homework, your job, and social life, it can seem that there isn’t enough time to breathe. But a good way to make yourself feel better– especially if you are away from home and you miss it– is by decorating your dorm. Why? Simply because decorating the space where you live can be life-enhancing.

 It is important to feel good whenever you are at home, and with the upcoming holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time to start decorating for the season. It can be a fun way to spend the time and let your creative side take hold for the moment. 

With these 5 tips, there’s no way you aren’t going to want to start your holiday dorm room decorating, and have fun while doing it!


1. Lights Camera Action

The right lighting can impact the entire decor of a place: it can transform it from dingy to inviting. Light decoration doesn’t have to be that expensive– you can find affordable lights on Amazon. Decorating your dorm or room with lights might take a little bit of time, but you will see that the effort is worth it. Lights look beautiful anywhere. Draped in front of the windows, the kitchen cabinets, the door frames, your hallway mirrors, or the entire hallway. They even make the bathroom look a hell of a lot better. 

You can wrap Christmas lights around your bedpost and bed frame, it will make you have beautiful dreams. It might even work for your desk. Who wouldn’t like a glowy, cute, holiday-eske desk? Hanging lights from the closet or dresser top is also a very nice idea to create a holiday feeling around the room. Or you can easily hang them all round the perimeter of your room creating a very picturesque Christmas illusion. Another option is to  crisscross the lights from wall to wall, that way your room or dorm decorations make you feel warm and cozy.

But if you don’t feel like hanging lights then there are other ways for you to use them and still make your dorm and room look up to the holidays. Stuffing a cord of lights inside glass jars is a very pretty, simple and festive decor. You can even use the lights to create holiday symbols on the walls! Such as a Christmas tree or the Star of David. 


The lights can pretty much be of any color. Of course, most people would prefer them multi-colored or just plain white. LED lights are also very sought during the holiday season. You can find them at great prices on Amazon.

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

2. Smelly Christmas 

After a long day, all you want to do is to go home and rest. Entering your home you notice a different, attracting scent. It is pulling at your senses. The air is inviting and rich, it is filling your nostrils with the most exquisite smell: that of a holiday scented candle. 


Doesn’t it bring back holiday memories? I just love the smell of Christmas. Your dorm decoration can’t be complete without the perfect scented candle to get your holiday spirit in gear. There are many blend aromas to choose from. My favorite is that of the scent of pines.

A holiday favorite is the classic blend of cloves and cinnamon. There are also wood fragrances, fruity ones, and even ones inspired by food such as the gingerbread or Christmas cookie.

No matter which one you prefer, to get a holiday candle is a must for your decor. It would add warmth and more spirit to your dorm and room. There are many places that sell these types of candles. But if you prefer you can even make them yourself. Why not create your favorite smell of the holiday?

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

3. Changing Colors

You can easily transform your dorm and room into a winter wonderland by incorporating winter colors to your bedding. These colors can be whites, creams, blushes, silvers, and golds. Another option is to decorate according to Christmas colors, such as reds or greens. 

It doesn’t have to be only your bedding. You can change your shower curtains for a change. Or add a beautiful holiday blanket to the sofa, as well as cushions. A table-top can also be added anywhere, and it would make the place much lovelier and inviting.

There are many holiday sets that you can find at bargain prices in stores, even for your bathroom.

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

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4. Mini Christmas Tree 

This a classic way to decorate your room or dorm. And it can be very fun to decorate a tree with your friends. You can personalize it the way you want, hang up the lights that you like, and, of course, the ornaments that your heart desires. Mini Christmas trees come in all sizes and colors!

But, a Christmas tree is not the only option. If you love other plants or if you have plants, you can decorate them too. I am pretty sure they are going to enjoy the attention.

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

5. DIY Recycled Decorations

Ornaments and decorations don’t have to come from your pocket. Why not have fun while making them yourself? It is also a good way to start recycling and make good use of all the materials that you already have at hand. 

Use your toilet paper rolls to create Christmas lights, reindeer, even roll wreaths. If you love coffee and have filters, you can create and design your own snowflakes or Christmas tree with them. 

Origami is another option that you have to create holiday figures (Christmas trees, stars, reindeer, Santa, bows, gifts, Christmas hats, etc.) with the tons of paper that you have lying around your room. There are many tutorials on the internet such as 

These can all be a relaxing and fun activity to do among your friends. Or you can even do it when you want a break from homework. They are very simple, and you can add your own touch to your holiday decorations. 

5 Tips To Decorating Your Dorm Room Based On Holidays

Do you love decorating for the holidays? Well, tell us about your holiday decorating tips and tricks in the comments below. 

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