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5 Tips to Surviving Night Classes

5 Tips to Surviving Night Classes


It comes to us all in the end. Just as we dread morning classes, there is another that is equally dreadful: night classes. At least once during your college experience, you will more than likely have to take a night class…..or three. Being an experienced night class taker myself, I have come up with 5 helpful tips to surviving night classes.

1. Bring a lot of coffee.

I doubt without coffee I would have been able to make it through night classes. Coffee is life and if you want to get through your night lecture, especially if it is three hours or more long, you will want all the coffee you can get. Make sure to get the biggest cup you can because you will be there for a minute.


2. Pack something to eat.

This kind of falls in with the same reason as coffee. Night classes sometimes happen at odd times and you do not always have time to grab something to eat before you go. Make sure you grab some good snacks, not a lot of cookies or salty foods. Those kinds tend to trigger something in our brains that makes you sleepy. Also, hunger makes you cranky, so it is best for everyone if you have snacks to curb your hunger.

3. Stay focused.

This is easier said than done in a night class, but staying focused on the professor and taking notes can help. For those really boring moments, try writing your notes in a fun way, making them colorful, or even just doodling can help stay awake and alert and also learn.

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4. Keep up with the homework.

This is a definite must with night classes. Often you meet once a week and it is easy to get into the mindset of putting off your homework simply because of that. Next thing you know it is class day and you are scrambling to get it done. Some homework is not fly-through and you may not learn as much due to rushing the assignment.

5. Take the scenic route.

Instead of getting to school and going straight to class, take some time and go a different way that you usually do. Get out and walk. Enjoy the fresh air, the sun, the birds, and just nature in general. Take time to appreciate your campus. It will give you a bit more pep in your step before you head to class.


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