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5 Tips For Making It Out Of Your Early 20s Alive

5 Tips For Making It Out Of Your Early 20s Alive


There’s a ton of pressure that comes along with being in your early 20s, but these are supposed to be the greatest years of your life, right? Along with all the fun you’re expected to partake in; these are also the years that will build your career, paving the path for the rest of your life. No big deal. As scary as that may sound, there are ways to make it through this stressful (but actually really exciting) time of your life…alive!

1. Don’t take anything too seriously.

The most important thing I would say about getting through your early 20s is to not take it too seriously; make having fun a priority! We have our entire lives to stress over the craziness life throws our way. Enjoy the limited stress you have now – just remember, things like kids, mortgages, dealing with health insurance, etc. are all a hell of a lot more stressful than most of the minor issues we’re dealing with in our early 20s. Make the most of this simpler time in your life!



2. Budget! Budget! Budget!

Odds are, you are not raking in the money while going to school and working that retail job on the side, so it’s impotent to start budgeting and saving what you have. Make it a point to put half of your money into a savings account – the other half you are free to spend (you’ve earned it!). This way you are able to still go out and have a good time, but you are also planning for the future – guaranteeing yourself a nice junk of change to use later on in life when you are searching for that perfect apartment to move into!

3. Stop stressing over boys.

That guy that never answers your texts, or the one that hits you up when it’s that time of night; those are not guys that you need to be worried about. Maybe teenage-you would’ve stressed out over a boy like that, but early 20s-you demands more! Just cut them off if you find yourself worrying about them – the trouble isn’t worth your time. Then again, if you’re enjoying the 3 am booty call, by all means, you do you – it’s when you start stressing about it that you should reconsider. You don’t need to find “the one” during your early 20s – in fact, this is the time you should be exploring your options!

4. Make traveling a priority.

I do not know how many times my mom has told me how much she wishes she traveled when she was my age, and as usual, she’s right! Make time to travel and see the world. Not only will you see so many beautiful things, but you’ll gain so much cultural perspective that can help you later in life. I can almost guarantee that you will never meet someone who regrets traveling…so book that flight and go!

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5. Network like crazy.

In this world, it is all about making long lasting connection that will help you boost your career. You never know who you might meet that will potentially land you your first big girl job….or introduce you to someone else who will. You know the phrase, “it’s who you know…” well in today’s world…everything is about WHO you know. Be friendly, be confident, and get yourself out there!

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