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5 Tips On How To Deal With The CSUN Parking Situation

5 Tips On How To Deal With The CSUN Parking Situation

Attention! If you commute, then I have some great tips for handling the HORRIFIC CSUN parking situation on campus!

Sadly, we know this story all too well… We arrive on campus and almost every single parking spot is taken. Every. Single. One. So, what happens next? We spend an extra 20 – 30 minutes circling every single lot, leaving us late, frustrated, and hungry.  Here are some tips on how to cope!

1. Plan the night before.

 I find that prepping my meals for school always saves precious time. By collecting everything you need and storing them the night before, you can get in the car faster! 


2. Starbucks can wait!

(I hate myself for even saying this.) But, if you have a coffee machine at home, I highly recommend you use it to save time and money. If you must have that Starbucks fix (like me), then download the app and order your drink beforehand. Then, it will be ready for pick up! Yay!



3. Here’s a genius idea…CARPOOL.

By taking turns to drive with a friend from class, you can prevent stress. Not only will more parking spots be available, but you can also motivate each other to be on time.

4. Play your favorite morning jams.

We all know traffic can be stressful… My advice? Blast your favorite Beyoncé song and simply surrender to your fate. Sometimes, there is nothing else you can do, and that’s OK!

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5. Lastly, let’s bring this up to the school board.

With more and more petitions, we can make new parking lots a reality. All we need to do is come together and take action!


Good luck out there everyone!

What are your tips for the CSUN parking situation? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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