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5 Tips for an Easier Morning

5 Tips for an Easier Morning

I am definitely not a morning person, but I try to make my mornings as quick and painless as possible. Why? Because nothing makes a full day of classes worse than forgetting your important assignment, or not packing food to get you through the day. I’ll admit that this routine doesn’t always happen (getting back at 3 am doesn’t help) but the nights I prepare beforehand definitely make the mornings easier!

1. Pick out your clothes at night

This is a huge time saver. Personally, if I’m left to decide what I’m wearing in the morning, I either try on 5 different outfits and make a mess of my floor (which adds more clutter and stress) or I walk out in leggings and a sweatshirt. Like I did the day before. And the day before that. And most likely the day before that, too. But if I put an outfit on my chair, I’m saving myself time in the morning, and even saving some time at night (not having to clean up the mess I made the previous morning). I also tend to look a little more put together when I decide on what I’m wearing the night before, instead of five minutes before I run out the door.

2. Repack your backpack for the next day

This is the only one on the list that I make sure to do every single night, no matter if I’m out late at a friend’s, or if I’m stuck in the commons studying Organic Chemistry until 4 am. If you’re lucky enough to live on campus, forgetting an assignment or a notebook isn’t the worst thing that can happen. But if you’re off campus, it’ll be worse. Besides, most professors won’t take “I forgot” as an excuse for late work.



3. Have food/snacks set aside for the next day

I’m a dual major at a smaller college, so I don’t have much leeway when it comes to making my schedule. I tend to have longer days, and having snacks in my backpack makes it a little better. Especially since the prices at university stores are usually outrageous!

4. Have your alarm set for the week

If I fall asleep, I often forget to set my alarm, and wake up in a frenzy! What I try to do now is set my alarm for the entire week, so it is already set to go every morning. I also have more than one alarm, just in case I don’t hear the first one. If your schedule is different everyday, set an alarm each day that matches the time you should wake up in time for that class. There’s no more waking up at 3 am wondering if you set your alarm and scrambling to set it!

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5. Don’t skip breakfast

I break this tip the most. Breakfast can go a long way in making you more alert in your morning classes. I usually try to eat a granola bar on my walk to school (especially if it’s a Kind bar- yum!) for something quick and healthy. However, I would suggest trying to squeeze in the time to eat more than just a bar…breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!


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