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5 Tips For A Achieving A Great Night Sleep

5 Tips For A Achieving A Great Night Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most rewarding and satisfying feelings you’ll ever get, especially if you’ve had a rough day or an exhausting week. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to rat’s nest in your hair, a peaceful mind and that “woahh” feeling as soon as you open your eyes. However, getting to fall asleep within easily or even getting good quality sleep is not as easy or common as it sounds. So, here are 5 tips for achieving a great night sleep.

1. Warm Bath With Epsom Salts

We all love the feeling of a warm bath after an exhausting day, however there’s more to it than just the bathing aspect of it. Taking a warm bath with Epsom salts or lavender oil right before jumping into bed has been proven to help you achieve a great night sleep. It might not help you fall asleep faster, but it will definitely guarantee a good quality sleep. Epsom salts relax your muscles, allowing your body to fully dive into “sleep mode”. The salts along with a nice bath act as an easy detox and relaxation routine perfect for restless days. Add a bit of lavender oil and you’ll rest like a baby.


2. Late Night Yoga Class

What!? Yoga at night? Yes, a yoga class at night is actually fantastic! Even though you might be used to doing yoga early in the morning before work, or in the afternoon before heading back home, you should definitely give late-night yoga a chance. It’s unusual but it feels amazing, and it’s a fantastic way of releasing all the toxins from your body and the stress from your mind right before jumping into bed. Taking a late-night yoga class is an amazing way of giving closure to an exhausting day, both physically and mentally as well. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and this is what helps you feel relaxed in mind and body, resulting in a night of better sleep. There are endless benefits to practicing yoga at night, so if you’d like to read more about this technique to achieve a great night sleep you can head over to Siddhi Yoga.

3. Bach Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts

Don’t freak out, this is not your average sleep medicine full of chemicals that will knock you out and make you feel extremely drowsy in the morning. This is the exact opposite and your first taste of the harmless world of homeopathic medicine. These liquid melts are a natural sleep aid that will make your bed feel like the most comfortable cloud ever. This is a healthy option that is non-habit forming and non-sedative. In fact, all Bach products are made from natural flower remedies with no chemicals. In this case, the Bach Rescue Sleep’s key ingredients are: white chestnut (to help ease restless mind), Star of Bethlehem (for trauma and shock), clematis (for the tendency to “pass out”, unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally), cherry plum (fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger), impatiens (for irritability, tension and fidgety feelings) and Rock Rose (for frozen terror and panic). So now you know.  When your mind won’t switch off from repetitive thoughts, it’s time to take one, two or three capsules and relax into a deep night sleep. For more information, you can head over to  Bach Flower


4. Aromatherapy With Lavender Oil

If you don’t already own one, it’s time to buy one of those internet-famous diffusers. There are endless options, from cute to practical and even portable, it’s up to you to choose your new sleep buddy. Although usually confused with medical nebulizers, these diffusers are much more relaxed, simple and easy to work. All it takes is water and your oil of choice. In this case, to achieve a great night sleep, lavender oil is the most recommended. All you need to do is fill it with water, pour a few drops of lavender oil, place it somewhere near (but not directly pointed at) your bed, plug in and dive into a sea of peaceful dreams.Why choose lavender before bed? Because aromatherapy using lavender oil may also increase time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep.

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5. Sleep Machine

Meet your new favorite friend: the sleep machine. Yes, there is something such as a sleep machine and it’s wonderful. Although only loved by certain people and hated by others, if you have trouble falling asleep or actually getting any sleep at all, you should definitely give this device a big chance! Sometimes we find it difficult to fall asleep because there are actually tiny annoying sounds all around us that distract our brain and prevent it from going into sleep-mode. A little plumbing creak, a leak, a critter hidden somewhere, car honks, or maybe even crickets! So, what the sleep machine does is cover up those annoying sounds by producing white noise, which is completely harmless and totally relaxing. Although the white noise might feel annoying the first couple of days, you will certainly get used to it and understand that it successfully masks noises in your bedroom and all around. There’s a wide range of sleep machine brands for every budget, so it’s all about finding the perfect one for you. If you’d like to get technical and read all about how this magical white noise works, head over to Have sleep machine, will sleep like a baby.

Whether if it’s sleep machines, lavender oil, warm baths, rescue pastilles or even good ol’ lullabies, it’s time to choose what your next step towards achieving a great night sleep will be. The tools are endless and the snooze button is waiting. Tell us below which one is the most effective for you!

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