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5 Tips to Find a Date for Formal

5 Tips to Find a Date for Formal

The death that is trying to find a date to formals…Finding a formal date probably couldn’t become any harder as you slowly step back and notice you’re reliving prom from your junior year of high school. Some people have boyfriends or girlfriends- so hip hip hurray for them- they have a guaranteed date. You finally have found your dress and your shoes but you need that one last accessory: that nice attractive hunk of a date!! Here are some tips on how you can ease the pain, find a date, and end up enjoying your night with your killer date!

1. Think of any mutual friends as options.

Maybe one of your friends has a friend that could join you!! Yes, you may not know them and you may need to take some extra time to get comfy with him but it’s a date! And, yes maybe this friend of a friend could end up being someone either friend, boyfriend, etc., that you thought he could never be.

2. Don’t ask more than one person to be your date!

Yes, maybe you can take two or more dates if you like! The more the merrier… But if you are only planning on taking one date then things could get awkward when you don’t know who to tell that they aren’t going to be your date…


3. Stalk on social media.

You will definitely need to do a little stalking on his Facebook or Instagram before you ask. Maybe you don’t care too much and just want to have fun, which is great! But maybe it’s a good idea to find out if he has any ex’s that are your sisters or teammates. This will absolutely clear away some extra tension and stress that you don’t need!

4. Kill two birds with one stone if find that you are attracted to your potential date mid-stalk.

The looks matter a good amount, am I right? While you are stalking like tip #3 said, maybe also see if you think he’s a cutie! You could kill two birds with one stone and know who your list of victims could be!

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5. And lastly, maybe just resort to taking a friend!

Don’t go through with all the difficulty of finding someone to take, just ask a good friend! Friends are your go-to and they will always make the night fun! Boy or girl, go ask!

Sooo before you ask that lucky guy or girl to be your date, don’t stress it! You will most definitely have a blast if you make the night the best! Go out of your comfort zone and go ask that someone to be your date!!! Wishing you all a happy formal!

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