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5 Tips Every International Student Should Follow

5 Tips Every International Student Should Follow

As I walk across my dorm room, I look back at how life was at home, in my country. A phrase crosses my mind – Bed of roses. Life at home was easy, comfortable and uncomplicated. Everything was at my beck and call and I sure loved it. Holding a scanner to my present situation, the ‘Welcome to the First Week of College’ situation, I now know what path to take as an international student. So, here are five ways to prepare yourself and calm your nerves for your time as an international freshman.

Expect the unexpected

As vague as this may sound, it is always good to control your expectations about a new place. It is safer to not anticipate that every thing will work out smoothly. There will be some bumps in the road, some cultural shocks and some adjustment issues at first. Be prepared. But don’t give up either. Every day will be a new day and take everything as it comes. Don’t judge and take every hurdle with arms wide open. After all, these hurdles and unexpected shocks are what make us stronger and help us grow.



Pack light

I know this is difficult. I mean, how on Earth am I supposed to leave my favorite jacket at home ? But I had to. As an international student, we all have restrictions pertaining to the amount of luggage and consequent weight that we can carry. So, as a tip, it is important to understand that the country that you are going to study in, might have a different climate and most probably the fabric of your clothes won’t work here. Also, follow a simple advice that my mother gave me – “Take your jacket next semester !”


Buy dorm and class supplies in the US

Reason ? Because it’s just easier to buy them there. There are plenty ‘Back to School’ sales and schemes, along with student discounts which help so much more. As for clothes, the style in the country that you’re about to visit can be quite different. I know I bought a lot of clothes in India and regretted it later because I liked the style, variety and the student discounts better here. The clothes here fit me great, too.


I love when I see dorms with their desk under their bed. Saves so much room and it looks so cute

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Take photographs, frames and albums with you

We all feel homesick so it is great to have pictures from home to hold on to. Also, these photos, albums and frames are the best times for decoration. They give a personal vibe and touch to your room and can make you feel at home, away from home.


Stay in touch

I can’t say this enough. Orientation week is packed with activities. First week, or maybe even first few weeks of classes are difficult. It is always nice to have your family and friends always by your side through it all. Decide a common time when they can chat or Skype. It is also a good idea to keep sending your photos to them. And something that I can’t emphasize on enough is that you must keep sharing. Keep your parents and your close friends updated with what is going on with you and how you are feeling. Being thousands of miles away from your home is crazy. Don’t let it upset you. Instead, make the most of every moment and make this a memorable experience for yourself and your family and friends. It’s tough for them too.