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5 Tips To Avoid Getting Written Up At SJU

5 Tips To Avoid Getting Written Up At SJU

Staying out of trouble is key at SJU. They are very strict in their disciplinary actions. Keep reading to learn about these five tips to avoid getting written up at SJU, and make sure your friends are aware as well!

1. Party outside of the dorms.

There is no other way to say this, but to avoid getting in trouble by Public Safety and put yourself in jeopardy, be sure to party outside the University instead. There are various other places that you can go to.

2. Don’t cheat!

This seems like an obvious tip but many students still turn to cheating to get through a class. It isn’t worth it to get in trouble, there are many options on campus to help you with classes including, but not limited to, tutoring.



3. Don’t have illegal substances in your dorm.

Make sure you do not have anything illegal in your dorms because Public Safety does random checks and if they find something, it could cost you your future.

4. Avoid alcohol in dorms.

Similar to the illegal substances, Public Safety can find alcohol in your dorm during searches. So be careful and don’t have it in your dorm at all to avoid the risk of getting caught.

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5. Make sure to sign out guests.

Signing out guests in dorms seems like a small issue but it is definitely a huge one. Make sure that after you sign someone in when they leave, they make sure that they sign out or else you as the host will be written up.

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