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5 Things You Should Do in a Job Interview

5 Things You Should Do in a Job Interview

Interviews seem scary, but they don’t have to be. As long as you go to your interview prepared and confident, everything will fall into place. To make the process a little less nerve-racking, here are 5 things you should always do in any job interview.

1. Ask Questions

At the end of almost every interview you’re given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Be prepared with some questions that not only show that you have done research about the company, but that you are also genuinely interested in learning more. Be sure to avoid topics like salary (at least right off the bat) or anything unprofessional.

2. Be You

There is nothing phonier than trying to be somebody else. This could easily put a sour taste in the interviewer’s mouth if they can see right through your false presentation. So remain calm, but bring your personality to the table. Let your professional self shine through all of the answers you give.


3. Be Concise

Nerves can easily get the best of you, but one thing you must try to do during an interview is to answer questions as concisely and honestly as possible, without rambling on about stories that don’t truly pertain to the topic. This shows the interviewer that you know what you’re talking about and have actually prepared for the interview. If you feel like you’re talking too fast, take a deep breath and continue on. You’ve got this!

4. Be On Time

No, on time does not mean when your scheduled interview time is. On time means be EARLY. Ten minutes before the time you are scheduled to meet is what you should aim for, but also be sure not to show up too early – you don’t want to be an inconvenience to your interviewer if they aren’t ready for you yet. If for some reason you are running late, be sure to let the interviewer know immediately by calling them. There’s no need for excuses, just apologize and get on with the interview.

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5. Put The Phone Away

Your only focus during an interview should be your interviewer and what he/she is saying. There is nothing more important on your phone. So, put it away and keep it away. Better yet, turn it off. This will ensure no awkward ringtones can ruin your interview.


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