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5 Things You Can do to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are hard and require a lot of effort. There are times when putting extra work into your relationship is needed. Sometimes changes or improvements are required to keep your relationship strong and feeling healthy. Here are five things you can do to improve your relationship.

1. Communicate

Sure, communication may be a given in a relationship, but often we have a hard time talking about our emotions or things bothering us. We tend to take our frustrations out on our partners and cause damage along the way. If we have an open line of communication, we can prevent issues from happening. If you are worried about how you feel will be perceived differently or considered an attack, lay out some ground rules when you want to have a serious conversation. Let your partner know that you are not trying to hurt them and you want to discuss what is going on or how you feel, and you need them to listen and hear you out without judgment. Sometimes, emphasizing what is important or why it is essential lets your partner know that you are discussing and not looking to argue. Finally, consider your partner when you are doing something; if you have a change of plans or are doing something, communicate that to them and do not feel they are out of the loop.


2. Speak Words of Praise, Not Criticism

We tend to want our loved ones to succeed, and while we want good things for them, that does not always come across nicely. To avoid a misunderstanding, try speaking more positive affirmations and let your partner know that you are proud of them and what they are doing. You may not always agree with things, but you can also communicate your point without coming off harshly. Let your partner know that you want them to succeed and do their best, and you want to help them in any way you can. If something seems off or like it may be an issue, be clear that you are not attacking their decisions but want to support them in being their best version of themselves and progress in what they are doing positively.

3. Be Spontaneous

With current events, it is hard to enjoy things that we used to love. We cannot do many of the things we did before, or there are new precautions in place. However, that does not mean you cannot be spontaneous at home or be creative in your relationship. You can plan a secluded picnic whether at home or in a big empty field somewhere away from others. You can give your partner a just because gift, or you can cook dinner for your lover and make it romantic with candles or something you both enjoy. You can drive and find a spot to watch the sunset together or somewhere else you may have found or researched. Spontaneity keeps your relationship alive, exciting and will help boost it during these challenging times.

4. Act of Love

Helping your loved one out when knowing what they need is very important. You can help lighten the workload at home and make their lives more stress-free by helping out around the house or with chores. We all have work and other essential tasks to do; sometimes, we get overwhelmed. Recognizing your partner needs help or has a lot on their plate and helping ease that stress goes a long way. We often appreciate when others see that we are doing a lot and try to help or make our lives less stressful. When you offer to take on a task or even make dinner, or something else, that small act of kindness can boost your relationship quite a bit. After all, relationships are a two-way street, not oneway.

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5. Commit to Being More Physical

Physical does not mean just sex. Although sex is a physical part of many relationships, there are other ways to be more physical and boost your relationship. Hold hands, kiss, hug, and touch, in general, are just some ways to build up and improve your relationship. When you are driving in the car, hold hands once in a while. When you are busy rushing around, stop and connect with your partner. A touch on the cheek or a kiss can go a long way. Slow down and remember that whatever is important can wait a moment or is not over your lover. There are a couple of challenges you can do to connect with your partner once a day. Try staring into the eyes of each other for 30-60 seconds. Try kissing for 20 seconds. You can start smaller if you are uncomfortable, but remember to take that time out to connect and remember you are in life together, especially during these difficult times.


Whatever you do, remember that you are not alone. You chose to be together for a reason. Try to reconnect with things you both enjoy doing. Whether it is a hobby, talking about something you discovered, plan a date, have a fun road trip, or put time aside to cuddle and watch a show or movie together. Remember always to communicate how you feel; we are all struggling during these unprecedented times, but we are not alone. Our relationships do not have to suffer because there are changes taking place around us. Always speak up if things are getting too stressful or overwhelming. Life throws many curveballs no matter what is going on, pandemic or not, and we have to deal with life issues and challenges the best we can. Our relationships can still thrive and improve through the hardships we have to face daily. The saying the grass is always greener on the other side is untrue. If you take time to nourish your relationship and water your grass, it will grow and be far greener than you could imagine.

What things do you like to do to keep your relationship healthy? What do you think could improve a relationship or help it thrive? Let us know below!

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