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5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

Are you headed out west for a weekend vacation? Phoenix, Arizona is probably the best spot to vacay even though the heat is terribly hot and the desert has no chill (no pun intended). It has mountains, dunes, canyons, and who can forget the cacti! Its also one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S., which makes it super popular and touristy. There are so many events and activities, too! Here are some fun things to do for your weekend vacay in Phoenix!

1. Grand Canyon

Of course, this should be on the list because its so amazing to actually see in person. It’s about a 3 and a half drive north from Phoenix, so get ready for a long drive! There are over 400 miles of back-country trails that lead to the canyon itself, so there’s a lot of areas to explore! The Canyon was formed by the Colorado River, but you’ll have to climb all the way to the bottom to see it. The Canyon creates it’s own weather, so be prepared for whatever might come that day! Just don’t forget to bring lots of water!

5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

2. Camelback Mountain

This mountain is known for its silhouette on the Valley skyline because it looks like, well, a camelback! There are two main trails on this mountain that are rated extremely difficult because of the steep elevation, the uneven terrain, and its unprotected from the elements. So only experienced hikers should take a chance on this mountain! Also, be careful hiking in triple-digit heat! You don’t want to have a heat stroke on vacation.

5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

3. Salt River

There’s no better way to escape the heat than to go kayaking on a river. Salt River is one of the best options! You’ll go by thousand-foot cliffs and saguaros in the Sonoran Desert, so there’s plenty of new nature to see! There’s plenty of wildlife around the area, too, so you might even see a bald eagle or some wild horses. make sure to beat the crowds by going in the morning and before the heat gets too bad!

5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

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4. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Just a short drive from Phoenix is Scottsdale, another really quaint town that has so many things to see and do. This museum is home to the world’s best modern art, architecture, and design that will have you saying “woah” as soon as you get there! They also have plenty of events scheduled, so there’s always something to do! This museum engages with multiple different artists that are either just starting out or already established, so it gives all forms of art a chance to be seen. Their big message: to engage our imaginations, challenge our perceptions, and inspire change all while bringing communities together.

5. Taliesin West

A winter home to Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West is also a desert laboratory. This place is now a school for architecture, but it is open to the public for walking tours. There’s even a night walk to see the desert masterpiece glow under Arizona’s starry nights. A fire-breathing dragon makes an appearance, too, so be ready for a thrilling evening! You can even see Wright’s personal art collection on one of the walking tours. This personal architecture creation is so unique, you’ll want to see it with your own eyes!

5 Things To Do On A Weekend Vacation In Phoenix, Arizona

There are definitely so many more activities to do in Phoenix than I’ve listed, so get to adventuring!

Did I miss something you think should have been included? Let us know in the comments below! We could all use some more ideas on what to do while in Arizona than just these!

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