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5 Things Lazy Students Hate With A Passion

5 Things Lazy Students Hate With A Passion

Procrastinators, dilly-dallyers, laid back souls, or more simply put; lazy students. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t refer to lazy students in a negative manner. In fact, lazy students can be extremely ambitious and incredibly smart – they just happen to enjoy doing a whole lot of nothing more so than anything else – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you happen to be one of these people…you probably despise these 5 things with every ounce of your being.

1. Mornings

Oh yes, lazy students despise mornings. Why? Because they must leave the comfort of bed and face the world. Most of my lectures start around 9:15 a.m. and I have at least 5 alarms on per day – the first one starting at 7 a.m. and the latest at 8:30 a.m. In order to, let’s say, fight my laziness, this is totally necessary. Lazy students will definitely fit this mold. I even go so far to label my alarms; creating a sort of pep talk to convince myself to wake up. For example, my last alarm label is simply, “wake up, lecture in 45 minutes” to attempt to get me out of bed in the morning.

2. Due Dates

You know that feeling of having absolutely nothing to do? It’s amazing. Lazy students, I know you agree. That is until you accidentally eye your big board planner and realize you have an important essay to hand in the next day. But this show on Netflix is too good to put on hold…the essay can wait. All of a sudden it’s 12 a.m. and you haven’t started that essay. Shoot. But you just bang it out in an hour and hand it in the next day with a shrug – at least you did it, right?


3. Showering

Not saying that lazy students are not clean people, but just the thought of the whole process that is showering – ugh, it takes SO much effort. Sure, once we’re in there, it feels great – but it’s the convincing beforehand that is a struggle. Oh, and no chance we actually get ready after that shower – it’s right back under the covers of our bed!

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4. Cleaning

All lazy students know the terrors of cleaning…especially when you live on your own. You have to take your own initiative to clean your living space and, although it’s usually a small, easy place to clean, the hardest part is to start. Lazy students can generally stand to live in a disaster of a room for a while, simply because they are too lazy to clean it, of course. But there comes that day when it gets to be too much, and you know you must face your nightmare. This is the reason why dorm room inspections have been created. It’s a cruel reality.


5. Plans

What makes lazy students cringe more than plans? Nothing. Why? Because having a plan means you actually have to commit to doing something. No thanks! Lazy students love the pleasure of having no plans, leaving endless possibilities for the day ahead (AKA the ability to lay in bed watching Netflix with no interruptions).
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