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5 Things Girls Do That Guys Just Don’t Understand

5 Things Girls Do That Guys Just Don’t Understand

It’s a well established fact that guys have trouble understanding some things girls do. Both genders naturally share the blame for that but let’s observe what it is girls do that is so strange to guys.


The Art of Indecisiveness

Where do you want to eat? I don’t know. Which movie should we see? I don’t care. What are you going to order? I’m not hungry anymore.


Yes, talking to girls sometimes seems like questioning someone in court who’s well aware of his 5th Amendment right to say nothing over and over again. It gets exhausting and puzzling. If you want to eat kale and Greek yogurt while binge-watching OITNB, just say so! Silence is not always golden. Channel your inner LeBron James and expose yourself on TV make a decision.

The Heels Paradox

I’ll keep this one short (pun intended). Why spend the first half an hour the night bragging about how these heels are amazing and make you taller than most guys if you’re then going to complain about the discomfort for the next three hours? This makes absolutely no sense. I’m sure there are heels out there that may not give you the feeling of khaleesi-like feeling of power from being able to look down on your date but that also won’t make your feet hurt every time you slightly crouch to take a selfie.

The Indecipherable Language

“Of course you can go out with your friends tonight, I don’t care.” And so it begins.

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If you don’t truly mean this, please SAY SO. I would rather deal with someone honest and somewhat clingy than with someone trying to play it cool when she ‘s actually mad about it. It’s simple really: if something annoys you, bring it up, maybe have an argument about it and then move on.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Food

It’s actually impressive, and underrated, how hangry girls can get. So if you hear one saying something like “I haven’t eaten anything all day”, do something about it, quickly. Because that’s an indication of the calm before the storm. The common stereotype is that girls don’t eat as much as guys do, don’t try to find out if it’s true.


Duck(face) Season

Pretty straightforward: what’s the deal with the duckface? No one can look better posing like that, no one. What happened to the traditional million-dollar smile or the professional serious look? Let’s bring those back, ducks are meant to be eaten, not mimicked!