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5 Things You Can Discover At SJU

5 Things You Can Discover At SJU

College is a four-year period dedicated to learning about yourself, your interests, and your values. Use this time to explore and grow as a person. Your experience at SJU will provide you with a wide range of opportunities for discovery. Keep reading for 5 things you can discover at SJU!

1. Yourself.

College is the time and place to discover who you are as an individual. You’re in your prime now and will learn so many things you never knew about yourself. Why not take the time to discover what you like and dislike in the world around you?



2. Your spirituality.

In whichever way this means to you… St. John’s is dedicated to providing a Catholic education for students. We may not discover who God is in a theology class, but there are many people and places that God may use on any SJU campus to get to you.

3. The World.

The Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Alacázar in Seville will blow your mind! Discover the World is a one of a kind experience that will allow you to visit so many remarkable places while you have class Monday through Thursday, and even more on your free weekends.

4. Your culture.

There are plenty of ethnic organizations, clubs and programs on campus that you can be a part of! One of the best things about our school is that it celebrates and encourages diversity. Plus the Multicultural Affairs office works hard to recognize and celebrate cultural differences.

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5. Your passion.

If you’re into writing, radio, photography, sports, music or art, St. John’s supports you. Follow your curiosity.

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