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5 Things Only an Art Student Can Relate To

5 Things Only an Art Student Can Relate To

Being an art student is a huge responsibility. This semester has really been an influential and eye opening period for me. I really got to dig deep into the way I perceive and signify Visual Arts. Of course, art is filled with creativity and visual appeal, but there is more to the appearance and attractiveness of artworks; the idea behind them. Through my Community Arts, Digital Imaging, and Representing Race class, I eventually got to know better as to how art is used to impact people and create awareness about issues. Being an art major is a huge responsibility. So keep reading for 5 things only an art student can relate to!


1. The need to connect with your artwork.

An important responsibility of being an art major is having that special connection with your art piece. Your work is a part of you. It signifies your beliefs, personality, experiences, and inspirations. It is a must to connect with your work, since your pieces are an extension of your mind. Don’t restrict or limit yourself, just let the beauty and connection run free! Just be your true self and the connection will happen.

2. Deciding which medium you want to use.

Whether you choose to paint, photograph, draw, install or whatever, the medium you choose for your art piece is a responsibility. The medium that you carefully select is the platform to display your ideologies and emotions in the best way possible. Now a day, media has become extremely vast and diversified, the medium can be performance art or the audience itself.


3. Trying to convey a message.

This is a very important aspect of being an art major and a large responsibility that only art student can relate to. An art work is not only to please an audience’s eye, but to create an imprint in one’s mind. Art is not senseless, there is always some background to it. Think about it-art has been here before writing! Art tells history, the lifestyle, the philosophies, the problems, the culture and much more. There is so much significance to the color used or the placement of the subject in an art work. Nothing is done randomly.

Coasters by Sahiti Bonam (Sanskaar means “Modesty” in Hindi)


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4. Hoping the audience can interpret your work.

Another responsibility every art student can understand is their hope for the audience to be able to interpret and understand the concept behind their artwork. Communication is a two-way road. The audience should be able to get the message behind the art work, whether it is on the surface or has a deeper meaning. This is especially vital for social and community related art.

5. Hoping for satisfaction when reflecting on the outcome of your art.

Hoping for satisfaction is probably the most stressful responsibility each art major can understand. This responsibility has a lot to do with the reflection of the outcome. it is important to try to remember to always be satisfied with what you put into your work because of the brainstorming, reevaluation, strain, and effort it took to create it. Be happy with the final art work, because you have put a piece of YOU in it. There is always plenty of opportunities and time to learn and use more resources. After all, you are a proud art student and seeing the progress of where you’ve come from to now is pretty damn satisfying!

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