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5 Stunning Makeup Looks For Redheads

5 Stunning Makeup Looks For Redheads

In a world where there is not even a redheaded emoji, we redheads can feel a little forgotten about – especially when it comes to the beauty industry. After dying my hair red, I immediately scoured the Internet to find how to complete my new look with redhead-flattering makeup tips. So if you too are a redheaded beauty looking for some fire makeup looks to match your red locks, this article is for you! Here are five stunning makeup looks for redheads!

1. Au Natural

This is one of the best looks that anyone can go for when wearing makeup – especially for redheads! By keeping your makeup soft and natural, your hair is allowed to be the main focus.

A gorgeous look for redheads!

2. Aquamarine Eyes

Just because your hair is a bright color, do not be afraid to try other bright colors with your makeup! Simply take aquamarine, blue and other green eyeshadows to your eyelids to really make your eyes pop. But be warned: This look can quickly take a turn for the worse if you go a little overboard (unless, of course, you’re going for a David Bowie look).

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3. Eyebrows on Fleek

Many natural redheads tend to have lighter eyebrows. To make your face brighter, more awake and a little more complete, try filling in your eyebrows. Start subtly by applying a little at a time. It can be a big adjustment to have fuller and darker brows, but it’s the little things that make such a big difference! For a great tutorial on how to fill in your eyebrows, check out this video!


4. Wing it Out

Winged eyeliner is fabulous, hands down! But, I find that it looks the best on redheads. Whether it’s pencil, gel or liquid liner, in one swift swipe across your eyelids you will look amazing!

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5. Red Lip Classic

There is a reason why red lips and red hair are often referred to as a “classic” look – it works! The next time you go to grab your chapstick or lip balm, go bold instead! After all, nothing says bold like a red lip look paired with luscious red hair!

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Finally, do not be intimidated by your red hair when it comes to doing your makeup. Embrace your amazing red hair, and let it shine through these makeup looks!

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These are the most stunning makeup looks if you're a red head!

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