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5 Stores To Shop For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is just around the corner and is the perfect excuse to hit up your favorite stores to go on a shopping spree. Say goodbye to long sleeves and hello to shorts and tanks. I’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of summer and am so glad that I can finally start dressing for the occasion.


Summer wardrobe is a huge part of self expression for some and the season allows people to experiment with their clothing. I personally find summer to be the best month to dress up for because of the bright color scheme and the lack of layering, making the clothes overall more inexpensive and simplistic. 


You may be wondering what stores sell the best clothes for a summer wardrobe and where you should start shopping at. It can be hard to find the perfect places that check off all of the boxes because everyone has different styles or looks they are trying to achieve are different, the stores I am about to list are my personal favorite that seem to cater to most audiences. I bet you will not leave these stores empty handed…


1. Adika

Adika is an Israeli-based clothing company that has been around since 2011, but just started rising to fame. For an online and international company, the pricing on their clothing is pretty middle ground and reasonable. They are a fast fashion business, so they are always in with the newest trends. Skirts at most stores are hit or miss and don’t fit quite right. But, Adika makes ones that are both flattering and trendy, which is a very tough act to follow. Their crop tops also never disappoint and I own a dozen from them and get great use out of them in the summer. Y2K clothing is the hottest fad and Adika nails this trend in their summer wardrobe line. Also, stores outside the US usually take forever to ship over international waters, but Adika takes about seven days to get to your door. That is unheard of. If you want unique yet fashionable clothing in your summer wardrobe, this is the store for you.

2. Pacsun

Pacsun has always been one of my go-to stores when shopping for any season, but their summer wardrobe line is especially impressive. Because Pacsun is a California based company, they specialize in making clothing for the warmer weather. Their jean shorts are my personal favorite because they mold to your body without constricting you. Their clothing is also always vibrant which is perfect for any person’s summer wardrobe. Their bikinis are also always on point with the latest trends, but are catered to women with smaller cup sizes. I have ordered a couple of their bikinis and had to return and I don’t even have that big of a cup size… Otherwise, everything else that they have is flattering and worth it.


3. Garage

Garage is my personal favorite on this list! Most of my summer wardrobe is from Garage . Where do I start? Their clothing is very affordable and high quality for a fat fashion business. Most of these fast fashion companies make their clothing with haste and to do so, use cheap materials and make them flimsy. Garage is not one of these companies. In fact, their fabrics are very soft and comfortable. Their bikinis are also my favorites and I have a closet full of them. They are very flattering and are worth the purchase for sure! Their jeans also fit very well and I rarely say that about clothing companies. Usually jeans don’t fit quite right, but Garage’s jeans always do. Their dress selection for this summer is very bohemian and florally. So cute!

4. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie used to have a bad rep for their discriminatory ways with their clothes sizing. Curvier women felt blacklisted from the company and Abercrombie received a lot of backlash because of this. This all led to the fall of the company and 20% of their stores closed by 2019 and their instant rebranding and shift in mindset. Now Abercrombie strives to make clothes for all shapes and sizes, and their summer wardrobe line does just that. They are a bit on the pricier side on this list, but still offer very trendy clothing. Their floral prints and cute bikinis are perfect for this season and you will definitely be on trend with whatever you buy from them.

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5. Edikted

Edikted is a newer company created by team members of the company Adika that I named earlier on in the list. This company is definitely catered to a more Gen Z audience and their mission is to make the most fashionable and diverse clothing on the market. Their clothing prices are very reasonable and they always have some type of sale going on, ensuring that their clothing will always be affordable. I have never seen a store have so many 50% off sales. Their clothes are also great quality for their low pricing. Not to mention, the clothing they produce is always ahead of the times. They will come out with an unconventional shirt and two months later, that piece of clothing is the talk of the town. It’s remarkable. If you are looking for fashion ahead of its time, Edikted is for you.


6. Thrifting at any thrift store


I am kind of stating the obvious, but thrifting is always a great option for your summer wardrobe. Especially if you are on a budget.  It is good to maintain sustainability and wear clothes second hand because it reduces unnecessary waste while rocking affordable clothes. Sometimes, thrifting can be a miss, but when you finally find gems, you will be addicted. Some people find thrifting to be therapeutic and maybe you will find joy in it too. You also might find vintage pieces that are no longer sold! It’s worth a shot 

I hope this list helped you find inspiration for your summer wardrobe. All of these places have a lot to offer and you cannot go wing with any of these options. Where do you enjoy shopping at for your summer wardrobe?

Sierra Cucciardi

Sierra Cucciardi is a fourth year student at Penn State University studying Digital/ Print Journalism and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has a passion for covering topics like wellness, fashion, beauty, fitness and many more. Other than writing, Sierra also enjoys photography, graphic design and social media management. She hopes to one day be a full-time writer for a lifestyle magazine and is very excited to be interning for Society19 for Summer 2022.

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