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5 Steps To A Successful Roommate Agreement

5 Steps To A Successful Roommate Agreement

Sit down and listen up as I give you the low down on what is the most important document you will ever sign (apart from probably every other document handed your way). My name is Emma and I can attest that I am the worst roommate ever. I am the food stealer, the one that showers late night, and keeps you up as I stomp around looking for my lotion. I am nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. I’m also a mess. But the good new is, I will teach you how to create a successful roommate agreement, if you’re faced with a roomie like myself.

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1. Be honest.

Obviously honesty should be the backbone of any relationship. But it also should be in your roommate agreement. Let it be known what bothers you, how you believe a roommate should act, and how you can coordinate schedules and give each other alone time.


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2. Take it seriously.

I get it, it’s your first week of college when you start your roommate agreement. Your brain is occupied by the parties, cute guys, and freedom. You’re most likely thinking positively, and that there will be no issues between you and your roomie. Although this is ideally the case, this is your home for the next nine months and you need to be comfortable with that in every aspect. Think ahead in order to prevent any future problems.

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3. Set aside time to talk about it.

Whether you’re in a party dorm or you’re just plain busy, you need to set aside a time and place to discuss your agreement. My roommate and I were in the party dorm, and during our agreement signing, multiple people were yelling their suggestions at us. This is definitely not the right atmosphere for serious discussion. Needless to say, when our fights began, the R.A.s had no idea what to do.


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4. Be conscious.

You’re going to be living in close quarters with another person, so you must be considerate that they might not always agree with you or live the way you do. Be open to the fact that you and your roommate live different lives. Being respectful of differences can be one of the most helpful tools in avoiding conflict.

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5. Have fun.

Drafting an agreement is not the most lighthearted activity, but if you take your time and take it seriously, you can then go out and have fun – stress free! This will act as a sort of contract for the rest of your time together, so its completion early on is key.

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