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5 Stages Of A Snow Day

5 Stages Of A Snow Day

Nothing is better than waking up to a Snow Day. Especially in college. But what exactly happens right after you realize you don’t have school? Keep reading to find out!

1. You receive the “Curtailed Operations” email.

That moment of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to a freshly sent Curtailed Opts email and realizing that dreams do coming true…there is nothing better.

2. You jump back into bed.

…Knowing you can sleep until whenever your little heart desires. The one thing every college student will never get enough of…sleep.


3. You venture out into the tundra.

Making the trek to the nearest dinning hall is the biggest adventure you will have all day! Being inside all day may sound amazing but we all need to get out of bed for at least one thing: food. Once you exit your humble abode you realize you have transported yourself to Antarctica unintentionally. Your simple walk to the dinning hall has become the adventure of a lifetime.

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4. You think about playing in the snow.

How fun would it be to build a snow man and have a snow ball fight with your friends?!


5. You walk outside and realize you are too old for that.

It may seem like a good idea but let’s face it, you would much rather be in bed watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate these days. But it was a good thought that you had and at least it is a thought that still runs through your head sometimes.

Did you enjoy reading about the 5 stages of a Snow Day? Have any other stages we should know about? Comment below and share with friends!
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