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The 5 Stages Of Senior Year’s Emotional Roller Coaster

The 5 Stages Of Senior Year’s Emotional Roller Coaster

Kindergarten to Junior year is just the long line before you actually climb aboard the crazy roller coaster of senior year. When you finally reach the beginning of the line, you’re pumped with emotions and ready to go. Here are the 5 stages of senior year that every high school senior can relate to.

1. It’s all going uphill.

You get in your cart and pull down your safety bar thinking it’s going to be a smooth ride to the end. First semester starts and you’re slowly clicking up the hill. Class officers and student council are elected. Homecoming festivities fly by. Sports start up and everyone wants an offer. You join clubs you’ve been participating in for ages and everything’s the same. You take senior pictures. The senior prank is finished. Finally college applications and scholarships become available and before you know it, it’s Christmas break and you’re on top of the hill waiting for the big drop; second semester.

2. And then it takes a crazy turn.

Second semester starts off hard and fast. You’re pushed into piles of work, college applications and scholarship research. You slowly become overwhelmed with everything that’s happening. Senioritis really kicks in as you hit the bottom of the hill.


3. Then there’s a calm…

With winter break you slowly come out of the dive and see light. You’ve gotten an acceptance letter and your GPA didn’t suffer too much damage. On top of all that you have fewer than 100 days left till graduation. The countdown app is running and you can’t wait for it to hit zero. It’s almost killing you to be in school.

4. …Before the storm.

Despite all your excitement to leave, the roller coaster throws you into a loop of emotions. You start to realize this is really the end. Senior nights, Sadie Hawkins and other important events get crossed off the list. Cap and gown orders start coming in and you mail out graduation invitations. You’re all mixed-up causing the last few months to be a full on emotional roller coaster.

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5. And then it all comes to an end.

Finally the ride slows down. Prom and spring break fly by and it’s graduation. You pull back into the platform, push up the safety bar and as you exit the ride your clothes change to a cap and gown and the platform becomes a stage. You walk across the stage and proudly shake your principal’s hand. Congrats, you survived the ride!

Senior year truly is a crazy ride. To get the most out of it, you should do it with no regrets. Plus, if you don’t really enjoy it, don’t worry. There’s another ride waiting for you as soon as you get off, it’s called Adulthood.

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